After an amazing amount of success in East Anglia, wind turbine specialist, Windcrop Ltd is looking to expand throughout the UK. Alternative sustainable energy is a main focus in the UK as it is elsewhere around the globe which is why the first 100 wind turbines contracted for farmers in East Anglia are of such import.

Farmers worldwide are facing difficulties making a profit as production costs are at all-time highs. Wind turbines provide clean energy for the production of electricity which not only helps to reduce expenditures on electricity but provides power with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

In all, 100 5kW turbines have been contracted in the area by farmers looking to reduce operating costs. Although they are small-scale wind turbines, they are projected to save considerably. As David Thacker of Crown Chicken noted, wind turbines can help with sustainable development and will not compromise the environment.

In fact, once the turbines are installed, Crown Chicken will be analysing the savings they provide. It is projected that they will then contract further turbines for all their regional sites. After securing planning permissions, Windcrop installs the turbines.

The only thing the farmer loses is a small piece of land which is converted to an area where free electricity is generated. What is so appealing is the fact that the only requirements for wind turbines is of course wind and clean air. However, there should be a wide open space to avoid turbulence from nearby structures and buildings.

UK businesses are looking to green energy for the savings it provides as well as the ability to make an impact on the reduction of carbon emissions. At the moment, the budding alternative energy business is highly successful in East Anglia, but it is projected to offer similar turbines throughout the UK in the very near future.

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