Many online casinos offer bonus money to new players who sign up and make a deposit. This gives the player extra funds which they can use to play slots and games. But nearly all bonus money comes with wagering requirements.

This prevents players from being able to quickly withdraw these extra funds to their account. Instead, the player is forced to bet the bonus money over and over again. Only when enough bets have been placed can the player finally make a withdrawal.

The wagering requirements determine how many times you need to bet. So it’s important to know exactly what they are.

How are wagering requirements calculated?

All casinos must state how many times their promotion needs to be wagered. However, the casino can’t do the actual calculation themselves.

That’s because the amount of bonus money you get depends on how much you deposit. So it’s different for each player.

Use this method to do the calculation:

  • Check the terms and conditions to find out how much you need to wager. It will often be stated as x30, x40 or similar.
  • Multiply your bonus money with this number to find the wagering requirement target.

Here are a few common examples that you’ll find at online casinos.

40x wagering requirements

This means you must bet your bonus 40 times before it can be withdrawn.

Example: Let’s say you get a promotion of £50.

Just multiply the £50 by 40. This equals £2000. You must use your bonus money to bet that amount before it can be withdrawn.

30x wagering requirements

This means you must bet your bonus 30 times before it can be withdrawn.

Example: Let’s say you get £25 as part of a promotion.

Again, multiply this £25 by 30 to equal £750. This is how much you would need to bet using your bonus.

20x wagering requirements

This means you must bet your bonus 20 times before it can be withdrawn.

Example: A promotion gives you £100.

Follow the same formula: multiply the £100 by 20 for a wager requirement of £2000. You would need to use the bonus money to place bets worth £2000 before it could be withdrawn.

0x wagering requirements

Most players end up losing the bonuses completely before they hit the target. This is annoying and something that British players often complain about. So some casinos have gone for 0x wagering instead.

This means you can withdraw whatever you win straight away. There’s no need to be betting over and over again.

Of course, there is a much bigger risk for the so-called no wager casinos that do this. But they are hoping that this type of promotion will attract more players to their site.

It seems to be working too as a lot of players in Great Britain are searching for them specifically. There’s now a good selection of no wagering casinos in the UK to satisfy this demand.

Understand the rules & terms

But the majority of sites do still make you wager their bonuses. Therefore, as well as calculating the target, it’s important to understand all of the rules.

For example, you can often only wager a maximum of £5 for each spin or round. A lot of promotions have an expiry date. Some casinos are very sneaky and make you wager the bonus amount plus your deposit amount (which vastly affects the overall target).

This guide to casino wager requirements explains more about the common rules and terms that you may find.

Confused? Contact support

If you are ever unsure about a term, get in touch with the casino’s customer support team. Casinos are very strict about their terms and conditions. If you break these rules (even accidentally) then they will confiscate your bonuses and any winnings.

Most sites have a Live Chat feature so you can speak to an agent immediately. They will be able to explain everything to you in full. If you tell them how much you want to deposit then they will even be able to calculate the wagering for you.

Remember to follow this advice for safer gambling at all times.

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