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We cover various spheres in professional life which are influenced by business. Whether you’re a consumer, business owner, or working professional; with Calculator you empower yourself with the access to essential tax calculators and informative business news.

The Consumer

Getting a good mortgage payment deal that is beneficial both for now and in the long-term is rarely experienced by a vast number of consumers. Knowledge of what clauses to look out for and pitfalls to avoid can save you from unnecessary financial losses in the future.

Unknown to most, you can calculate and learn the basics needed to make important decisions involved in mortgage payments. Even if alternatively you’re choosing to buy property – even if real estate isn’t your field – it’s useful to know what information you can access to make informed decisions. This this gives you options in gaining more value for money, as can be learned with a few pointers involving property tax brackets.

There are other similar brackets that can affect you, one of them being in your worklife. In the case of a career move or salary increase, the main pull factor is usually a larger salary. However, an increase in pay, which can seem appealing in numbers, can lead to actually taking less money home because of various tax brackets.

Using wage and salary calculators will enable you to make accurate calculations on how much you can expect to earn before making a move.

The Business Owners

As a business owner you face a great deal of challenges on a weekly basis. Your business secures the lifestyles of both the valued workforce you lead and yourself. In the hyper connected world we live in with the unpredictable nature of the economy, it makes sense to have your finger on the pulse on all the events happening that could affect your business.

Detailed matters such as: PAYE taxes, wage/salary tax, and the formidable P11D, can be a headache for businesses to deal with, as they can involve many steps and provisions where in some cases – such as with P11D’s – serious financial penalties can be suffered.

Such stresses can be alleviated with the simple use of various tax calculators and a few simple descriptors on what steps to take in order to deal with the taxes.

Time and attention are high-value commodities in the information age we’re in. When attending to the tasks in your business and trying to keep up with what’s happening in your niche, it’s very easy to get pulled into the noise and lose site of the greater picture.

Searching for and going through the long processes of calculating specified taxes is unnecessary.

Don’t sink in the details. Place yourself at the forefront of your field and ahead of the competition.

Leverage our specialised news and tools to accomplish greater results in your organisation and you can sustain the broad vision of your enterprise, while keeping track of the essentials.

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