If you are about to set off on a long journey, you may want to consult a distance calculator in order to find out how far you’re actually travelling. Whether you’re trekking by foot, train or car, our distance calculator is able to tell you how many miles you’re about to make, and how long it will take for you to get there.

A distance calculator works by taking into consideration two points where you’re wanting to start and end your journey. Then, the calculator will calculate the distance between both points either as the crow flies or via different routes and give you a mileage result based on this.

Distance Calculator by Foot

Our running distance calculator is able to plan your exercise route and tell you how many miles you are expected to run. Some calculators can also give you details on the best route to take, and will give you an estimated time in which you should be expected to arrive there.

We also have a walking distance calculator that can give the same results, but expect for the estimated time to take much longer!

Both of these distance calculators are able to give you results in different metrics such as kilometres (km), miles (m) and nautical miles, although the latter is only generally used in shipping industries as it corresponds with the circumference of the Earth.

Driving Distance

If you’re planning to take a journey by car, our driving distance calculator is able to plan the best route you can take. Again, it shows the distance in a variety of metrics including miles and kilometers, allowing you to have a clear view on the best path.

Using Google Maps

When using the Google Maps distance calculator, the results will also give you real-time traffic updates to allow you to better plan your journey. It will show the route in different colours, with red being the most severe traffic and blue indicating that the road is traffic-free.

The Google Maps driving calculator will also provide you with the mileage of different routes, and allows you to add multiple stops if you’re wanting to calculate the overall distance of your journey.

How to Calculate the Distance Between Locations

When using the driving distance calculator, you’re able to enter two points in which you want to calculate the distance between. It will give you results as the crow flies and if using a Google Maps calculator, you can opt for the road-route.

As a rough guide, you may want to know that the distance between London and Birmingham is 162.46km, and the distance between Leeds and Sheffield is 46.08km. The calculator is able to give you accurate results like this.

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