Unfortunately, it is difficult to travel during term time, but that is the most economical time to go. Research conducted by Santander indicates that the average family travelling abroad during school holidays will pay up to £800 more than they would pay for the same trip during term time.

Of course the reason for that is quite clear. School holidays fall during peak travel dates such as summer, Christmas, Easter, and so on. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. As travel carriers and accommodations are more likely to be booked near or at capacity during the height or tourist seasons, they can get away with charging top rates.

On the other hand, during off peak times, it is possible to get holiday destination deals in such places as Florida in the United States or in the Mediterranean.  According to an article published in the Guardian, the average family of four travelling abroad during school holidays should expect to pay approximately £790 more than in the weeks leading up to the holiday or just after the holiday. Using Expedia to price holiday deals, Santander was able to make this assessment.

As well, the departure destination can also have a profound impact on price. For example, their research indicated that a departure from London costs considerably more than a departure from Manchester airport. However, the savvy traveller should be aware of the fact that this is the ‘norm’ and with the current state of the economy, many countries around the world are experiencing financial difficulties.

Advice provided by a great number of travel agents suggests that now might be the time to adapt your destination a bit. If you have always wanted to go to a tropical climate, Hawaii may not be a great destination as their economy is still going strong. Rather opt for a country in the Eurozone Mediterranean that is in the midst of debt crisis. Prices will necessarily be lower to attract world travellers so as to add revenue and boost their respective economies.

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