CorelDraw is a 2d Vector graphic design program. It is quite alike – when it comes to the function- to Adobe Illustrator. Now, to answer the question of what it is used for, we can say that it is a program usually used to make Graphics Design. You can use it to make very simple graphics or highly professional complicated designs as per requirement and ability. Most people call it a work of art.

What is Vector Graphic Design?

In very simple words, the vector Graphics are editable. This means you can make changes to them even once the project is complete. This concept differs from the other paint programs like Photoshop or Corel Paint. In the Photoshop and Corel paint alike programs, they use Raster images and in the CorelDraw, vector images are used.

Raster Image Vs Vector Image

A simple yet most visible to the naked eye difference between a raster image and vector image is, when you zoom in on your Computer, the raster image will become pixelated. That means; its edges will not remain smooth. On the other hand, a vector design will remain smooth on zooming in and will not be pixelated. Which looks more fine and clean.

Uses of CorelDraw

  • Professional Use

Professional of the industry is using CorelDraw software. Many companies do require their employees to have the know-how of this software in advance or they at least know the basics of this software. As we are aware of the situation that many companies have digital platforms like websites so in order to maintain that it is used in everyday office life.

  • Social Media & Marketing Use

No matter, if you are using social media in a personal or professional manner. It is very important to have an identity – now we call it a logo – which should be unique and creative. Logos should be of high quality made, as they are used on different Social Media Platforms and each platform has its own requirement to meet. Alongside logos, you can make different banners, Social Media Posts, Cards, and much more. All these things are made on high-quality Graphics and the need to learn CorelDraw is essential.

A journey of Variations:

We have seen a journey of variations in CorelDraw just like any other software or technical product. The very first version of CorelDraw was launched back in 1989 known as CorelDraw 1.0. and since then we have seen more or less 21 versions of this software to date.

The creative one was CoralDraw2018, which comes with more advanced and latest tools. You can have a symmetry drawing tool that can help you to create different symmetrical shapes as complicated as it can get. You can have shadow tools, pointillizer effect to create vector mosaics, PhotoCocktailEffect the latest and powerful to make stunning collages, and much more. If you are a graphic designer then you should learn how to stretch an image in photoshop.

The latest one was released in back 2019, which would let you make a crispier and sharp image to date with the help of the Pixel-perfect Workflow tool. You can also have a list of all effects that you have used in the image in form of a list and you can easily edit this list as per requirement, all of this can be done with the help of Non-destructive Bitmap Effects.

Necessity is the mother of invention and we have seen this being implemented with each version more enhanced form of the CorelDraw giving you more and more powerful tools to make your work easier and better than before.

CorelDraw – installation

We all know that this kind of software is a bit heavy and you need more space on your device for them to run smoothly and more powerfully. Make sure that you have these properties in your system already to install the software on your device.

  • Space

As we mentioned above too, a spacious hard disk helps your software to run smoothly and efficiently without much worry. You need 4 GB of space, at the very least, in your C drive for CorelDraw to be installed and work on your system. If you have more space, it would be even great but a disk with lower space than 4 GB will not be able to install on your system.

  • RAM

Just like hard disk space, you need at least 4GB of RAM for your system to run smoothly. If you have more RAM like 8GB, it would be very great. The only problem is that with low RAM, your system will be able to install this software on your device but you will not be able to run it smoothly. It will start to lag and it will stop working, in these kinds of situations, working on any project will be a hassle and it will more time than ever for you to complete even one task. So Upgrade it before installing of software.

  • Processor

The next one to look for is the processor in your system. You need an Intel or AMD processor with 64 bit and support 4GHz in order for it to run smoothly. The commands alongside action need to be fast and if your processor is great and latest then your system, as well as the CorelDraw application on your system, will never lag.

  • Operating Device

The operating device you have matters as much as the above-mentioned features on it. You need Windows or IOS system with at least a 64-bit configuration. A good system helps with creating a masterpiece because no matter how creative you are, a bad system can easily ruin the efforts and focus which will eventually result in something, which you never wanted, but on the other hand, you cannot help it either.

  • The Connection

Lastly, a good stable internet connection is necessary. Not just for CorelDraw only, when you are in creative designing you work with heavy software and if you have a bad connection, you will have to wait and stop several times. As was the case with an operating system, if your internet connection ruins your mood then the outcome result will also not up-to-the-mark. You need a stable connection to download and install the software on your device. Next comes the registration part and in the long run, you will a stable connection for the online services it has to offer.

Once you are done with checking all these features, you can follow these installation guidelines.

Note: the CorelDraw software comes with a free trial and then two plans; either annually or one-time purchase.

  • You can visit the official website to download it. After choosing your plan you can easily download the software on your system or just simply click here
  • You can download the trial version – which can be used only for a limited time period – and then download the purchase as per your requirement and budget to proceed
  • You need to remember that this download process will require an internet connection, so make sure that your internet is on and the download will be done as you have the connection speed at the moment. Faster speed promises faster downloads so the better the speed is the faster the download will be
  • Once the download is completed. Check your email address for an email from CorelDraw with a serial number inside. Please do not share it with anyone
  • Once the download is completed. Go to your download or wherever you have downloaded the file
  • Open the installer extension file and you need to run this file, it will start downloading on your device
  • When all files are downloaded, accept the terms and conditions after reading them thoroughly
  • Now, click NEXT to proceed
  • Now, you will need to add a user name – which you can change anytime- and add a serial number if you have purchased one
  • Once you click on the serial number of the option you will be asked to add the serial number there, you can open your email and add that serial number here in this option
  • The serial number option gives you the premium software experience, whereas if you haven’t purchased it yet and want to use the trial version, there is no need to add it and just ignore this option for now
  • All of these files will be installed in your C drive and you easily access t from there. If you are having any installation issues you might want to check your C drive space
  • You can also get a choice to add or remove apps as per your requirement in the installation process so you can easily choose which app you want and which app you do not require
  • You need to choose it as ‘Run as Administrator’ and open it might take a bit of time

With that, your software is installed on your system and ready to be used.


This software is remarkable in terms of Graphic Designing and is highly paid nowadays. A skill learned pays well and it surely is the need of today in almost all sectors of life.

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