If you are in the process of establishing a video distribution business, a business plan should be one of the first steps involved throughout the entire process. It can, however, be impossible to know where to begin if you are ill-equipped or lack the relevant knowledge and experience to do so. If you are interested in creating a business plan for your video distribution business, continue reading to familiarise yourself with a helpful and practical guide.

Keep it simple and straightforward

In order to create a successful business plan for your video distribution business, you must keep it simple and straightforward. It must, for example, include essential information whilst omitting unnecessary information or information that can be expanded upon later. This can be done by focusing on what the reader needs to know, avoiding descriptive language or going off-track, checking for spelling mistakes, grammar, and syntax errors, and addressing the reader directly. It may also benefit you to know that a growing number of business plans for video distribution businesses tend to be shelved for containing information that is difficult to relate to on an ongoing basis.

Be realistic

If you are establishing your first business or are poised for great success, it can be tempting to get lost in the excitement of it all and plan for worldwide domination, but this is only likely to end in disaster as you lose sight of your short-term and long-term goals. If you are struggling to make a decision when it comes to which streaming platform you will opt for, for example, it may be worth researching the various services on offer from a renowned media company, such as Red Bee Media, and ensuring you are happy with your decision before signing on the dotted line and outlining your long-term strategies in your final business plan. It may also benefit you to know that business partners tend to see through unrealistic or overly optimistic plans and may question you on ignored weaknesses or threats.

Be professional

In the video distribution industry, competition is rife. It is, therefore, more important than ever before to stand out from the crowd and maintain a sense of professionalism when creating your business plan. This can be done by paying attention to detail and including a cover page, contents page, section and page numbering, and leading with an executive summary. It may also be worth incorporating charts, graphs, and images when necessary to cut through bulky text and help illustrate your point.


When it comes to submitting a business plan for your recently established video distribution business, you must ensure it is reviewed multiple times before submitting it. To do so, read it from cover to cover from your reader’s point of view, determine whether it is realistic and manageable, include any necessary information to back up any points made, ensure it assesses all potential risks, and, perhaps most importantly, get a second opinion by presenting it to friends and family members.

If you are the owner of a video distribution business or have recently switched to the video distribution industry, a business plan is a must. It can be a relatively difficult and time-consuming process from start to finish but by keeping it simple and straightforward, being realistic, being professional, and reviewing it before submitting it, you can ensure you have taken all the necessary precautions ahead of time and improve your chances of others having trust in your company as you strive to guarantee its long-term success.

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