Is Roulette a Game of Skill or a Game of Luck?

There are people who hear about roulette, immediately qualify it as a game of luck. They aren’t far from the mark and roulette does take a fair degree of chance. If you were to go and jump in any free roulette games online right now, you will see that trying to beat roulette without any strategy prepared beforehand will be a very hectic and ultimately futile venture.

However, there are ways to minimize “the house edge” and play according to a variety of betting patterns that will minimize your losses, and who knows, maybe even make you a winner. Let’s take a look at the available online roulette offers in India first.

Where Does the Skill Factor in Roulette Lie?

There are many ways to look at roulette, but acknowledging and understanding the skill that goes down in it is one of the best ways to understand how the game is fit to help players. Now, if you have no prior knowledge of roulette, you may find yourself betting randomly and accumulating some losses. If you do pick a betting pattern, however, you will discover that there are ways to minimize any potential losses and even pull ahead in the event!

The skill factors in roulette don’t necessarily mean that you can predict the outcome of every spin, for example. This is something that blackjack players do. However, you can still bet in such a way that you will minimize your losses. There are several ways to play roulette and base your sessions on skill more so than any amount of luck.

First, you need a betting pattern. There are many ways to pick one – from positive progression systems to negative progression systems to flat betting. Each has its strengths and a small but possibly fatal weakness. Statistically, the house will always win in roulette and that is a fact.

The truth is that with most betting strategies you can continue to win in the long run and expect a fairly decent return if you have the patience to weather and recuperate your losses. It’s not easy and the risk of losing is always there, but it’s still a great way to offset the house edge a fair bit.

Where Does the Luck Factor Come In?

After all, you are betting on 37 or 38 numbers at the same time and while you can certainly negate some of the advantages by picking a strategy the luck factor will continue to play a role in everything you do. It’s not really easy to make it work when it comes to roulette, because of the house edge which will range from around 1% all the way up to 5%. Each time you spin the wheel there is a piece of luck for your strategy to fail, but the good news is you can somewhat catch up.

In fact, the only way to really lose is if you miss your bet 10 times in a row, provided you pick the roulette table with an adequate limit. If this happens, the loss you will incur will almost certainly exceed any profits, and herein lies the luck factor and the weakness of most strategies. However, we feel fairly comfortable that this event is so rare that most players will continue accumulating profit without actually running into much trouble, to begin with.

Balancing Between Luck and Skill

Remember, the skill will always determine the outcome of the wheel – you can’t change or influence that. What you can do is be smart about how you spend your money and place bets and pick games that give you the best statistical chance of a win. You see, many players may end up betting randomly, but you will be able to play smartly and use your funds reasonably by sticking to the tips and tricks that can truly influence your game and turn it into a skill-based adventure.

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