Many people dream of getting rid of a job they don’t like. One of the most effective options is a startup. If you have a good idea and can implement it, you can take the risk. The main problem is the lack of money. Most likely, you will need side help. Typically, many startups need at least a few hundred thousand dollars to get started. Where can you find this money? Here’s how to get funding for your first startup.

Friends and Family

This is the first thing that should come to your mind. Usually, your family can help you. Talk to your parents or other relatives. Explain everything about your startup. Show them a detailed business plan and discuss their future profits. It’s worth noting that you have to be convincing. Not every person is ready to finance someone’s fantasies without guarantees and future benefits.

If you are a student, you need to spend a couple of weeks creating a convincing business plan and indicating your startup’s growth prospects shortly. If you don’t have enough time, then you should hire a professional college essay writer. It will allow you not to be distracted by your papers and get to work.

Small Business Loans

Sometimes your relatives may not have the required amount to start a business. Then you should seek help from credit unions or banks. If you have a good credit history, you may be given a certain amount for your startup. But don’t count on millions of dollars. As a rule, the bank can give you from 50 to 150 thousand. It’s not a lot of money, but the student is unlikely to get more.

Besides, you should have a stable source of income or a co-signer. This is necessary in case you cannot return the money. Think about who can be your guarantor. Most likely your parents or relatives can help you. Sometimes you can get a loan secured by real estate. Spend at least a week researching all bank offers before making your final choice. If you are a student, then a custom term paper service will help you cope with an academic workload so you’ll be able to focus on your startup.


Crowdfunding is a great idea for those who cannot get funding in any other way. Let’s say you have a great idea and know what needs to be done to create a product or service. Then you need to find a suitable crowdfunding website. Here is a list of the very best options:

  • Kickstarter
  • IndieGoGo
  • RocketHub
  • PeerBackers
  • Booomerang

The main point of crowdfunding is that you have to present your idea and talk about plans. It’s best if you already have some accomplishments, product prototypes, or a technology. Users of crowdfunding platforms need to see that your business is promising. Then you can get money. Indicate the amount you want to collect. If you can reach the specified limit, then you will get money.

Small Business Grants

So, it is another way to get money. It is worth noting that there are many student grants available so that you can apply today. Pay attention to the basic conditions for participation. If you need more time for this, just ask someone, “Help me write my research paper.” Then nothing will distract you. It is worth noting that grants are provided not only to students but also to ordinary citizens. Even foreigners can get funding if their startup is useful to society.

Local Contests

Do not rush to despair if the previous options did not suit you. You can take part in local contests. As a rule, the organizers agree to allocate the required amount to the winner, subject to creating a local startup in a certain area. Pay attention to researching all the contests in your city or state. Then you can choose the option that suits you best. Even if you don’t win, you will get the opportunity to advertise your future business for free. Many investors visit local contests in search of promising ideas for making money.

Keep Your Day Job

Most likely, this is not the advice you would like to hear. But your startup is impossible without a stable source of income. Here’s a little tip for you. Do not quit if your business is not yet profitable. Every person has basic needs. Plus, you need to pay your bills regularly.

You can only quit and focus on achieving your goals if you have the savings or financial support of a family member. Otherwise, you are at great risk. Plus, if your startup requires low investment, you can set aside a certain amount of money every month. This will enable you to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, this option takes more time, but your risks will be much lower.

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