5G: What are the perks?

We live at a time of great technology improvements and developments. The pace is so fast that we can hardly adapt before a new innovation is on its way. Mobile networks are currently witnessing a further transformation with the introduction of 5G, which is the fifth generation of mobile technology. It is considered to be the next step in progressing society’s digital journey. The first British operator to launch 5G was EE in May 2019. If you are also curious and excited to switch to a 5G connection, perhaps you could start this new experience by taking advantage of these brilliant EE voucher codes.

Not everyone is convinced that 5G is the right way forwards, but it has to be said that there are a number of perks that we will be enjoying. Let’s start by saying that we all tend to get annoyed and frustrated when an online page doesn’t open within a matter of seconds or when a video takes forever to be downloaded. Well, 5G technology is supposed to increase speed up to 20 times faster than 4G. Content delivery to mobile devices won’t be delayed any longer and downloads will be done in a flash.

5G will also provide more bandwidth capacity, which in practical terms means that people won’t be competing against one another to use internet connection on their phones. Remember when you used to go to a concert or to a football match and the network would drive you insane because too many people were using their mobile at the same time? With 5G that won’t be an issue any longer and you shall be able to use your mobile device as you please when you please. In this day and age, reliability is what we want from our phones.

Let’s not forget that more speed also means more communication and more connectivity. The interval of time between the moment when an information is sent from a device to the moment when the receiver can use this information will decrease. We are talking about advanced technology that has the potential to encourage innovative services for both individuals and industry players.

New exciting possibilities in the virtual augmented reality field will also be brought by 5G. This is all the more reason for tech lovers to be enthusiastic to test and experience first-hand the benefits offered by fifth generation mobile networks. The future is coming and a new world is about to be forged.

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. On the downside, we can expect the battery of smart devices to run lower much faster. Phones will have to be charged more often until battery technology isn’t improved. Upload speed may not be fantastic as well: you can relax, it is much better than 4G, but it can’t be compared with download speed. After all, it is new technology and we must remind ourselves that everything takes time to be properly refined.

Another aspect where there still is room for improvement is coverage. At the moment 5G network is only available for specific areas in a limited number of cities. Development will be faster where the population density is higher. People living in remote areas are bound to wait longer for 5G technology to be implemented. Broadcast distance may also cause trouble to 5G connections: frequency waves can only travel a short distance, and trees, buildings and walls may block or disrupt the signal.

Proper implementation of 5G technology may take some time, but it is fairly obvious that there is no way back. Technological progress can be scary, but we live in a world that is becoming more and more digitized every day and we can only move forwards. There is indeed a lot of speculation about the environmental impact of 5G technology and cell towers, because there is widespread concern about sustainable growth. The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies has made an attempt to explain what 5G will mean for the environment.

For those who are interested to figure out more closely the institutions’ approach to 5G, the Fact Sheet prepared by the United Kingdom’s government can be of value. Currently, 5G is available in over 100 towns and cities across the UK.

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