Before renting a property, it is essential to inspect it thoroughly. Keep it in mind that you will spend maximum time in this house; therefore, try to buy a comfortable home. Start your work with a walkthrough to avoid a potential problem. If you are living in aberdeen for employment, consider a flat near your office. Here are some things to analyze carefully before viewing an apartment.

Check Windows and Doors

Make sure to check all the windows and doors because you will need them daily. Especially check sliding doors. Make sure to check doorknobs and locks. Ask your landlord to replace wobbly doorknobs and broken locks. It is essential for your safety. Feel free to take note of sealing or draughts issues. These problems can increase electricity bills by cooling or heating the apartment.

Floors and Walls

You may not pay attention to a small crack in the wall, but deep cracks are dangerous. If you can slide a coin into this crack, stay away from this property. It is a sign of worse structural integrity. Make sure to spot structural flaws because these are warning signs.

Moreover, you have to check watermarks or water damage near floorboards, on the walls, and ceilings. Water damage means the house is experience leaks somewhere. Try to find mildew, rot, or mold because these are clear signs of water leaks. This situation can be risky for your health. If you are prone to respiratory infections or allergies, don’t rent this property.


If you are renting an unfurnished apartment, it will be a cheaper option. On the other hand, a furnished apartment will have essential appliances. Before signing a contract for a furnished apartment, you must check tools to ensure they are in working condition.

Evaluate gas hobs and stove plats, oven, and other appliances. These should be free from grease and cooking build-up. Check the cooling status of the fridge. Moreover, look inside the tumble dryer and washing machine. You have to ensure that all supplies are in an excellent working condition.

Consider Furniture

Tenants often sign a lease without checking their furniture. Before finalizing your deal, you should check if your furniture will perfectly fit in the new house. Use a measuring tape to check the size of big-ticket items, such as couches and beds. It will help you to understand their configuration in a new house. Moreover, measure floor space to increase accuracy.

Signals of Cellular Devices

You may find it odd, but it is essential to check signals of cellular devices. Some areas may not have the best reception for cellphones. You can’t afford connectivity issues so check signals and connectivity of phone during a walkthrough. If your lease includes a wireless network, demand a demonstration from a landlord.

Crime Rate

The crime rate is an essential factor to consider. If you want to stay safe, choose a rented property in an area with the minimum crime rate. Moreover, check the security features of a selected property. The property must have a guard, emergency alarm, and security cameras. These are necessary for your safety. 

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