Booking a holiday or trip abroad can be an expensive business and saving on the costs involves more than just choosing the best flight and time. Pick the right airport and you can dramatically decrease the amount you spend on long stay car parking as well.

The good news is that recent research by My Late Deals has listed the most expensive and cheapest airports for car parking long stays. The company visited all the major websites for the most popular airports and compared prices at a set time to come up with their listings.

Which Are the Most Expensive Airports?

You won’t be surprised to learn that London is by far the most expensive place to park your car for a long stay while you rush off on holiday or go away on business. A pre-booked, two-week parking space will cost you close to £200 in London City. The good news is that you can find cheaper in the city if you shop around. Gatwick North Terminal is a better choice offering prices from £112.

Head to a city such as Manchester and you’re still looking at a sizeable expense of just over £100 and, in Bristol, you will be looking to fork out around £90 for a stay. The general rule is that the bigger the airport, the more you’re likely to pay for your car parking, whether you’re booked on a short or long stay.

The top ten most expensive airport car parks are:

  1. London City – £196.50
  2. Gatwick/South Terminal – £115.00
  3. Gatwick/North Terminal – £112.00
  4. Southend – £104.99
  5. Manchester – £101.99
  6. Liverpool – £97.99
  7. Heathrow – £97.40
  8. Luton – £93.99
  9. Cardiff – £91.00
  10. Bristol – £90.99

Which Are the Cheapest UK Airports for Parking?

By far the cheapest car parking is in Edinburgh which comes in at a very respectable £43.99, more than £150 cheaper than London City. East Midlands is also a lot less expensive at £58.49.

If you are looking for an airport closer to London but which isn’t going to drain your holiday money, Stanstead in Essex is a good option and comes in at a pretty respectable £59.99 for a two-week stay. Birmingham is 10th on the list of cheapest options at £69.99.

The top ten cheapest airport car parks are:

  1. Edinburgh – £43.99
  2. East Midlands – £58.49
  3. Stansted – £59.99
  4. Doncaster Sheffield – £62.49
  5. Belfast International – £62.99
  6. Belfast City – £65.99
  7. Leeds Bradford – £66.00
  8. Glasgow – £66.87
  9. Southampton  – £69.00
  10. Birmingham – £69.99

Of course, a lot will depend on where your destination is and where you live but shopping around can certainly give you a little extra cash to spend on your holidays. If you haven’t yet decided where you want to go, making a choice based on cheaper car parking can throw up some surprising destinations. While the smaller, less well-known airports don’t fly to the big locations, they do often have connecting flights if you don’t mind things taking a little longer.

The research done by My Late Deals is fairly recent and their prices are accurate as of May 2019. They checked the websites of all UK airports and looked for the cheapest parking between August 5th and 19th, booked at the same time of 9 am.

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