When higher education was a privilege, those who got a chance to study focused their life on doing the degrees. However, times change, and life is getting faster. Due to student loans and other economic burdens, learners are obliged to start working before finishing their studies. Moreover, work experience is also appreciated by the companies that look for graduates.

Students today are very economically active. They see new jobs as opportunities to achieve their goals and show their best. Youth choose to work part-time not only because it gives them pocket money they need to enjoy life. They also want to feel independent and self-sufficient.

The desire to work and the ability to balance a part-time job with studies are useful skills in any workplace. Yet, finding the right balance between education and work is not an easy task. However, to make their lives easier, students can always refer to these guys. There you can hire somebody to help with essays and decrease the college workload.

Students have a myriad of part-time jobs to choose from, but some of them still form the top 3 list. In this article, we are going to discuss these options.

Customer Service

We united several options under this title. The skills students gain working as sales associates, customer support representatives, front desk associates are pretty similar. Customer Service jobs equip students with communication and negotiation abilities. They learn how to find the right approach to people and resolve their problems effectively.

In some cases, learners need to demonstrate exceptional product or service knowledge to explain their functions and benefits to customers. In such a way they trigger sales. Many well-known professionals who built their career step by step definitely have had customer service-related job in their career history. For example, Ian Kum, who later founded WhatsApp, started as a sales associate in a shop. Such part-time job options are popular among students in the US, Canada, and Europe. The average payment starts from $8 per hour.

Writing and Tutorship

Many students can use their writing skills and knowledge of various disciplines to earn for a living. This job does not require them to go to the office. Instead, they only need to show a keen interest in high-quality paper writing or prove that their knowledge of the subject is above average. Usually writing services companies employ only those who already have a degree. Yet, college students may do their best as academic writing experts or tutors. For example, they can correct references according to a specific style or improve the language of the writing.

As tutors, they can help high school students improve their academic performance. Also, many online jobs are related to writing now. Students may choose to become a part-time blogger, news column editor, etc. to earn some cash. Native speakers usually earn about $10-12 per hour on such jobs. Writing and tutorship are especially popular in the US.

Food Service

Many students still prefer gaining their first experience in different bars and restaurants. These establishments are eager to employ students for part-time so finding a job is not a problem. Learners can try themselves as hosts, servers, baristas, bartenders and other staff. For example, a billionaire George Soros started his way as a waiter. Such occupations offer high extra income since many people are used to giving tips and other bonuses. The US is a pioneer in providing students with part-time jobs in the food industry with other countries following the example. Here you can earn from $12 to $15 per hour, tips included.

To Sum Up

Working part-time while getting a diploma is hard but necessary nowadays. Companies seek people who can manage the workload and find time to excel at every task they are assigned. At the same time, students are ready to work more despite studying hard because they dream of success and independence. In order to cope with the fast-paced lifestyle and competitive labour market, students feel the need to push more and go ahead of others. We should only accept this and encourage youth in their endeavours.

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