The third largest country in the world is home to 50 states all with their own identities. When deciding to relocate or to set up your business in the US, thorough research is necessary when choosing where to base your business.

If you plan on setting up a subsidiary or using co-employment as a route into employing US workers rather than setting up your own US entity, you need to consider where is best to take on employees. This should be based on where your customers are, where the talent pool is, transport link and time zones.

You should also familiarise yourself with the huge difference in legal systems across different states; particularly around employment. It’s also worth considering the variations in the costs of hiring workers in different states in terms of typical average salary which can vary greatly across all states. Doing your research first with the guide to US expansion will help you make informative decisions and the info-graphic below will provide you with some quick insights.

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