Financial Business Website Know-How by Paul Belogour and Boston Unisoft Technologies

Digital transformation is taking over the world. Companies across all sectors are optimizing daily processes, reducing expenses, and attracting new customers by establishing an online presence. Financial businesses are no exception, even if they are still among the laggers. Creating a website is the first step in a digital transformation journey, and Pavel Belogour, an experienced trader, is the best person to advise on the crucial aspects of planning and development. Today we share his recommendations for financial businesses looking to create sites.


Paul Belogour on Why Websites for Financial Business Are Special

After two decades in trading, Pavel Belogour knows all the ins and outs of the technology and know-how behind the most successful platforms and websites. According to him, sites for brokers, trading platforms, and financial services providers differ from most online pages. While others can rely on flashy design and controversial headlines, financial businesses need to present a solid presence; otherwise, they cannot attract and keep clients.

Paul Belogour suggests starting with the right design, which includes:

  1. Well-balanced user interface (UI) design that incorporates industry best practices with custom corporate branding, such as the logo, color scheme, typeface, and more.
  2. Streamlined website layout that does not overwhelm visitors with too many navigation tools or call-to-action options but provides enough data and guidance for clients to achieve their goals.
  3. Comfortable user experience (UX) that provides enough touch points for leads and guides them through the marketing funnel from awareness to purchase without a hitch.

Must-Have Features for Financial Business Websites According to Mr. Belogour

The homepage of the website dictates the first impression, but the feature set makes visitors come back and commit. According to Paul Belogour, financial businesses, especially those working in the trading niche, should focus their attention on these critical features:

  1. Online chat support. Trading is live round-the-clock, especially if the business operates worldwide. AI-powered chatbots are one way to help visitors find answers. However, customers should also have an option to reach out to a human support agent and receive instant help in real time.
  2. Analytics visualization tools. Timely and reliable information can make a fortune, while outdated and unusable data can break it. Financial businesses should provide their clients with intuitive analytics tools that don’t require in-depth technical knowledge to operate and customize according to traders’ individual strategies.
  3. Private cabinet system for customers. Developers need to factor in authentication procedures, user privileges, individual settings, and many more technical factors to ensure this feature is stable, fast, and secure.

Paul Belogour founded Boston Unisoft Technologies ( ) to help brokers and trading companies set up user-centric and mobile-friendly websites that bring in new customers and ensure a seamless transition for existing clients. BUT designed and developed websites for Swiss International Financial Brokerage (, Boston Merchant Financial, eForex, Emirates Wealth, and others. Whether you contact BUT or find another software development company, keep Mr. Belogour’s advice in mind when developing a system requirements specification and planning the website feature set.

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