january-22Renewable heating group Innasol and analysts Frost & Sullivan believe that almost half of the average household’s energy consumption could be eliminated with a few simple energy efficiency measures.

According to new research, the average British household could reduce its monthly energy bills by 45 per cent by switching from fossil fuels such as gas and oil to more environmentally efficient alternatives.

Even electricity could be costing British households more than it needs to. Based on the latest research, UK households spend an average of £816 annually on heating – a major expense that could be significantly reduced. According to the Renewable Heat Report, households face a 17 per cent annual increase in energy pricing.

This energy pricing increase can be avoided by installing new technologies such as ground or air source heat pumps and solar photovoltaic heating. The Department of Energy and Climate Change is spearheading the campaign to get Britain to reduce its carbon footprint and make its energy usage more efficient by 2020.

Innasol chief executive officer Silvio Spiess claims that the UK could be the epicentre of a heating revolution over the next few years. He advises British families to switch to renewable sources in order to save “upwards of 45 per cent” of their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change hopes to help British families install an additional 750,000 renewable heating systems over the next six years as part of an effort to reduce Britain’s carbon footprint. The renewable heating systems will significantly reduce household expenses for hundreds of thousands of families.

Rising energy costs have affected many of Britain’s poorest families. Food banks are reporting clients turning away food that needs to be heated, as many are unable to afford the energy.

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