Student Borrowing Fuels Increasing Household Debt
30 Nov
Written by Sam Allcock

Student Borrowing Fuels Increasing Household Debt »

The average UK household debt has increased for the first time in five years. Student loans are fuelling a new increase in Read more…

Outlook for global economy weaker than expected »

In a recent speech given in Tokyo, the head of the IMF stated that the outlook for the global economy is worse than Read more…

Misleading figures do not show true depth of this recession »


This week David Miles, one of the members of the Monetary Policy Committee, addressed the Society of Business Economists stating that this recession Read more…

Eurozone continues to have negative impact on UK economy »

In the words of the BoE governor, Sir Mervyn King, the EU is quite literally “tearing itself apart” and this is having a Read more…

Greece and France again at the heart of debt crisis in EU »

Market news is not good as investors are spooked over recent events in Greece and France. Both countries have been at the heart Read more…

Despite predictions, UK officially in a double-dip recession »


In recent weeks economists had been predicting that the economy would just slightly miss a double-dip recession by a very small growth of Read more…

Will tomorrow’s news show UK growth or recession? »

As recently as two days ago, the BoE was predicting a 0.1% growth in the GDP. However, today a policymaker for the Bank Read more…

Greece once again close to defaulting on debt »

It appears as though once again Greece is on the precipice of defaulting on international loans as less than half of the country’s Read more…

Fitch to announce eurozone ratings later this month
10 Jan
Written by Sam Allcock

Fitch to announce eurozone ratings later this month »

Fitch has announced that by month’s end they would release “ratings watch negative” on six eurozone countries which include Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Read more…

UK exports suffering from euro crisis
15 Dec
Written by Sam Allcock

UK exports suffering from euro crisis »


UK factories have been recording the lowest exports since almost two years ago in January of 2010 and it is attributed largely to Read more…