A movement which began in the United States, Occupy Wall Street, as a demonstration against capitalism and the severe line of demarcation between the rich and the poor. In a protest that appears to be spreading around the globe, Irish protesters have begun a peaceful and polite ‘sit-in’ at the central bank, Dublin.

It is reported that the protesters who have been sitting there since Saturday are indeed angry at the ‘capitalist machine’ but they are amongst the politest group of protesters yet seen in this new movement. They have been given strict orders not to say a harsh word or to harass in any way the officials who cross their path each day on their way to and from work.

The protesters have made a public statement that they are peaceful in their approach to the protest and have appointed a business student, Sean Creagh, as their spokesperson and liaison with the Irish Police. Creagh has garbed himself in a highly visible yellow coat and has stated that it is his intention to assist the police in keeping the peace.

Drugs and alcohol have been banned from the sit-in and the organisers have stated their intention to help the garda (guards/police) extract anyone in the crowd who breaks that rule. Creagh states that the police have been fair because the protesters have kept their word on being peaceful and have kept the lines of communication open.

Although many people wonder why the group isn’t protesting outside the main banks that led to the financial crisis, the reason is clear in the eyes of the demonstrators. Their purpose is to call attention to the person inside the central bank who makes financial policy for Ireland and this is a man who was never elected by the Irish people. He is part of the political machine and the protesters feel his motives are to protect the machine at the expense of the people.

Even as angry as most are, the demonstration has remained orderly, peaceful and surprisingly polite.


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