Current VAT is currently set at 20%


Want to Add VAT on a payment?


Reverse VAT, or reverse charge VAT, is a system where the responsibility of VAT payment shifts from the supplier to the recipient for specific goods and services, commonly in the construction industry.

Reverse VAT Calculation:

To calculate reverse VAT manually:

  • Take the total amount of the transaction.
  • Divide it by 1.2 (which represents 20% VAT in the UK).
  • The result is the amount that needs to be accounted for as VAT.

Using Our Reverse VAT Calculator:

On our website, our reverse VAT calculator simplifies this process:

  • You only need to input the total transaction amount.
  • Our calculator automatically calculates the reverse VAT based on the current VAT rate in the UK.

This tool saves time and ensures accurate VAT calculations without the need for manual computation.

Understanding reverse VAT and ensuring compliance is essential. Our calculator streamlines the process, making it easier for businesses to handle VAT responsibilities.

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