Serene beaches, mesmerizing islands, full moon parties, amazing seafood, ancient sanctuaries, and water sports; that’s Thailand for you. Imagine yourself sitting on a sandy beach teeming with palm trees, breathing fresh air, and basking in the beautiful ocean view. You can certainly make this dream come true by availing Thailand Luxury Holiday Packages.

Thailand 101: Basic Facts for First-timers

Situated in the heart of Southeast Asia and bordered by Laos and Cambodia in the east and northeast, Thailand is a kingdom with Bangkok as its capital. Myanmar lies to its northwest, the Andaman Sea to its west, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southeast of Burma.

The Kingdom comprises 76 provinces with Pattaya and Bangkok as the two special local terrains. The official language is Thai while the currency is Thai Baht (THB). Teeming with over 1430 islands, Thailand has everything to offer and that’s what makes it one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Thailand’s Top 4 Bucket List Destinations

Travelers especially first-timers often need assistance to pick the best spots to visit and enjoy fun activities. So, we’ll shorten the list and make it easy for you to explore the best places in Thailand and make the most of your vacation:

1.      Ko Phi Phi

Featuring Thailand’s most admired beaches, Ko Phi Phi is certainly a place you can’t miss on your visit. Phi Phi Don, which is the larger and more popular of the two islands, is where adventure and exploration merge. Tourists can snorkel and explore the hidden ocean gems like deep coral reefs and diverse types of marine animals and enjoy the party scene at night.

Have you seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’? It was shot on the lush cliffs bordering Maya Bay’s beaches in Phi Phi Leh, a smaller island than Phi Phi Don and a more deserted one. Tourists head to this place to enjoy some peace time while soaking the beautiful natural views but November to April is also crowded.

2.      Phuket

Didn’t we talk about imagining yourself sitting on a sandy beach and basking in the mesmeric ocean views? Well, Phuket is where your dream becomes reality. With limestone cliffs in the backdrop, turquoise water in front, and pure white sands to sit on, the place is a heaven. Travelers arriving in Bangkok can take an hour’s flight to reach this country’s southwestern island.

Phuket cuisines are known for their rich taste created with ingredients like lime leaves, chilies, and lemongrass. Tourists can savor these amazing foods while exploring the rich Buddhist culture and making the most of luxury Thailand holidays. Its spa therapies and boat tours are famous, so make your trip memorable by relishing all these amazing experiences.

3.      Bangkok

Displaying a beautiful blend of past and present, Bangkok is one of the most famous destinations in the world for many reasons. Do you want to shop? Bangkok has modern malls and the world’s largest open-air market to shop from.

If it’s about exploration, there is a pool of ancient temples to explore, a 150-foot golden Buddha, and a rich Buddhist culture that depicts the kingdom’s past. Tourists can face extreme temperatures but that can’t stop them from visiting an eight-level shopping mall, one of the world’s most famous aquariums, and several other sites to explore.

4.      Chiang Mai

This is one of the best places to escape the hubbub of Bangkok and enjoy exploration in peace. Tourists can treat their eyes by observing beautiful mountains while trekking and viewing peaceful giants at Elephant Nature Park.

There are several ancient temples to explore such as Wat Chedi Luang, Doi Suthep, and Wat Phra Singh among others. Just step out of the Doi Sethup temple and you can take a clear and amazing view of the whole city. Take time out to explore Chiang Mai night bazaar and relish one of the best shopping experiences in Thailand.

Fun Activities for Your Next Thailand Trip (Updated List)

You can simply not get bored on your Thailand visit as it has so much to offer. We’ve prepared a list of unmissable fun things you can relish with your friends and family and make your trip worth it.

  • Explore Marine Wonders: Visit one of the largest marine aquariums in Southeast Asia and observe over 30,000 marine animals belonging to 400 species. Relax yourself by observing Gentoo Penguins swaying around in Penguin Ice Playground Head.
  • Pose with Celebrities: Visit the world’s best wax museum, Madame Tussauds, and pose with renowned figures. Take a selfie with Angelina Jolie, make a dance move with Michael Jackson, and pose with Vin Diesel. Book a combo ticket for Madame Tussauds and Sea Life and visit both these attractions at a minimal price.
  • Relish a Safari Tour: Explore Safari Park and Marine Park to amaze yourself by observing lions, zebras, seals, and sharks in their natural habitats. Enjoy the mesmeric Bird Show, Orangutan Show, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt Show, and Spy War, and relish the unique Thailand experience.
  • Take a Luxury Cruise Tour: Book a luxury yacht tour and enjoy some peace time on the sea or party with friends and family. Soak up the sunlight and watch amazing sunset views on the upper deck. Swim or snorkel in pristine waters on the Coral and Racha Yai islands and rejuvenate with refreshing cocktails. Treat your taste buds with finger foods and dance to the DJ beats to enjoy your cruise tour to the maximum.
  • Enjoy Water Fun: Escape the Thailand heat by having a fun time in the 56-acre Blue Tree Water Park. Jump in water from a 30 m height and boost your adrenaline. Paddle-board with your close ones and enjoy rock climbing above a swimming pool to make the most of Thailand holidays.

Unmissable Thailand Cuisines

Thai food is globally recognised and different countries adapt and create their own versions of these cuisines. From soups, noodles, and stir-fries, to curries, and salads, Thai food offers everything your taste buds ask for. Some of the famous dishes include:

  • Pad Thai: Made with flat rice noodles and blended with seafood, chicken, fresh herbs, shallots and bean sprouts, roasted peanuts, eggs, chili, and sauces, Pad Thai is simply an amazing stir-fried noodle dish.
  • Tom Yum Goong: A hot and tangy shrimp soup made with shrimp and a nice blend of shallots, mushrooms, galangal, lime juice, and fish sauce.
  • Khao Soi: Made with crispy fried egg noodles, seafood, chicken, or beef, and a happy blend of coconut milk, pickled vegetables, and shallots, this spicy, creamy, and sweet Thai coconut curry noodle soup is simply a chef’s kiss.
  • Khao Pad: Locals make this Thai fried rice dish with seafood, chicken, or beef combined with fresh herbs, fish sauce, tomatoes, and onions, and served with lime wedges and jasmine rice.

Tourists can identify a Thai food from the first bite and they love having it as it is:

  • Peppery yet a perfect balance of lime, mint, lemongrass, and chili.
  • A savory union of fresh and aromatic herbs like lemon, dill, parsley, and, basil.
  • It has high nutritional value being vegetable-based.
  • Easily replicable as it is made with basic ingredients that are simple to cook.

Virikson Holidays is one such travel agency that makes sure its customers get the best of Thailand. We offer Thailand luxury holiday packages that provide all the facilities our clients need for a fun-filled vacation. So what’s the delay for? Book your seats today and explore this tropical heaven like never before.

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