Some companies are masters of storytelling in corporate communications and as a result, they give tough competition to their rivals in the industry, who are yet to conquer this talent. You will be amazed to read the data shared by the Brand Shop that companies with provoking brand stories tend to witness a 20% increase in terms of customer loyalty. Furthermore, a study shows that customers belonging to different age groups seek brand stories that have some kind of inspirational message or humorous content. The humour factor matched the mindset of elder audiences as 57% of them were above 55 and 43% who were 35 and above preferred funny elements in the story. These may seem minor, but they go a long way and to tell you more we will discuss the power of storytelling in corporate communications, so if your company is lacking in this domain can catch up with race and shine in the market.

The Authority Of Storytelling

The business landscape has become competitive and there is a constant saturation of information. Companies are battling with each other to grab the attention of their targetted audiences. Having correct facts and figures also plays a pivotal role in maintaining a company’s reputation in the industry as one wrong information and the title of being the best in the ranking flows away. We are sure no company wants to lose its image like that. Therefore power of storytelling steps in to rescue the firms before their ships sink. It serves to be an excellent weapon if you are passionate about strengthening your bond with the partners, stakeholders, and customers.

The switch towards narration is not a myth, as consumers are attracted to those companies more, who have thought-provoking and amusing background stories or how the brand reached its current position. Yes, humans are naturally inclined towards this as the narration keeps them more engaged and plants a seed for inspiration if any of them has a business mindset.

This can be achieved via storytelling that proves to be a green signal for the following milestones:

Attention Is Captured

Consumers love well-planned stories that connect them at an emotional level. A person will feel bored when there is no appeal in the story. They desire to hear stories that keep them engaged till the very last second. If that is lacking in your corporate communication then it’s high time to add the factor or else be ready to lose customers.

Brand Gets A Humanistic Touch 

Facts and figures do increase credibility but fail to hook the customer’s attention every time. In short, numbers don’t do justice all the time. A humanistic touch is necessary. For that stories are invited to contribute their share to give the brand a humanistic touch that it missed. Stories play a personal role, they act as a reflection in telling about the team, values, and culture of the place. That’s why you must have noticed that owners have started sharing their growth stories how they began from scratch and who accompanied them in their tough journey. Which does grab attention, doesn’t it?

Trust and Credibility Are Built 

Stories that express your skills, expertise, and commitment to ethical practices elevate trust and credibility in the market and the eyes of the consumers and stakeholders. Keep in mind, that customers respect those companies who respect legalities and won’t do anything wrong just for the sake of success. Add words telling how you fought with rough patches and overcame the times of struggle. Bad times come on all companies, and the way you tackle them increases your image in the industry, boosting trust. Won’t you feel good if new businesses learn from your strategies to avoid the same mistakes? Being somebody’s source of inspiration is never a bad deal.

Easy Brand Recall

You must have come across interviews of big brands sharing their stories of failures and successes. Stories have a sticky nature and the good ones never leave your memory, therefore the power of storytelling helps in easy brand recall. The impression is long-lasting and even in casual discussions the stories of the company enter, so just imagine the magic of stories. Plus your customers will prefer watching or hearing the stories multiple times since the story is that good.

Invites Engagement 

Engagement is the dream come true of every business as that shows that the story was compelling enough that people were triggered to participate. Emotions are activated, but even end up in debates at times when some agree to disagree. Well, both the discussions translate into boosted engagement. This unlocks opportunities for becoming a part of conversations. Ultimately the company becomes the talk of the town for the next few days. Do you want that to happen? We believe not. Therefore excite the audience through a powerful story and see how your company soars in no time.

Inspire To Take Similar Action 

One of the best parts about stories is that they have the power to inspire. They can motivate your audience to take action, whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter, purchasing a product, or supporting a cause you champion. You wouldn’t mind if your stories set trends and other mini-owners copy too. Instead, you will feel proud that you did so well that others got inspired and want to repeat the same behaviour.


The power of storytelling is huge and from the whole blog, you must have got a good idea about it. Therefore, modify your ways where you were going off-track and see how the storytelling favours your company.

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