The vast amounts of financial markets that exist are quite obvious. But what’s also apparent is the market that still reigns supreme, which has to be FX, short for the forex market. But, as good as it can be, the sector doesn’t come without its share of flaws, which include the enormous learning curves that anyone will have to contend with.

Therefore, gaining mastery over FX has necessitated quite a bit of patience and competence, traits that enable one to allocate hours’ worth of their time in training to have a comprehensive view of the FX landscape. Besides that, the mindset that makes intelligent and appropriate strategies is necessary too.

Why TechBerry is so Different

TechBerry’s infrastructure comprises an innovative take on AI and social FX, as evidenced by its market insights, which are incredibly accurate and reliable. This is largely a result of it collecting a massive amount of data from more than 100,000 professional traders, all so that market sentiments can be reliably identified.

Other than that, there’s TechBerry’s Expert Advisor software too, which offers experts and beginners additional sources of income. So, if they want to have that, sharing their trading data with TechBerry is the only thing that’s asked.

Around 90% of the time, the success rates of any AI-based applications or methods depend on what data is uploaded. This is why TechBerry collects so much data from various professionals. But, other than the good data, the negative data is equally uploaded or factored in, all for analytical purposes, and TechBerry might be the only place that’s doing that.

There’s also how long TechBerry has been operating that warrants a mention, as it has been successfully operating for around nine years now since way back in 2015, as it indicates its survival within a sector known for its competitiveness and risks, all while offering that 11.2% monthly return rate.

Who TechBerry’s For?

The role of TechBerry within this sector is to improve the financial positions of numerous groups or individuals. With that said, let’s dive a bit into them below.


If investors want to have the return rates offered here every month, the only thing they need is a TechBerry account and some funds to deposit into it. After that, they only need to observe how TechBerry takes their investments and converts them into something worthwhile through steady monthly accruals, something that you can thank the automation for, which also lowers the need for monitoring investments that often.

However, the benefits of TechBerry are more than just that. Its membership plans warrant your attention, as they’re quite unique and varied since they cater to many investors’ interests. They have thus been split into several tiers, including green, gold, diamond, silver, and more. Your fees, insurance, and some other things all depend on the tier you’ve subscribed to, the highest of which will be VIP.

With VIP, the insurance coverage will be 100%, the fees will be substantially reduced, and you’ll get a personal manager, exclusive offers, access to an Annual Exclusive Global Event for VIP members, and more. In addition, that last VIP event in 2023 already has its videos and photos accessible on TechBerry’s website.

However, there are a few interesting things for anyone to access on TechBerry, including AI trading statistics and a demo mode or account where you may access the investor cabinet. Moreover, the demo account allows one to experience the TechBerry platform for themselves without having to invest. With it, you can type in any amount and see firsthand what you’ll earn should you really invest here.


If the industry’s trading elements are of interest to you, then TechBerry will be more than capable for you, providing the opportunity to receive some passive income by simply trading. However, as hinted earlier, your trading data will have to be shared for that through the Expert Advisor software of TechBerry whenever you’re trading on either the MT4 or MT5 platforms, and you’ll get rewards each month for that.

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, should they be seeking sustainability from their returns or just a couple of insights regarding the current state of the FX sector, then TechBerry may be the right platform for them, with its historical insights making that abundantly clear.

TechBerry Vs. Competitors

eToro provides individual trading and copy trading, even enabling investments to be simulated through several products, like stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. But with TechBerry, your trades aren’t just duplicated; they’re managed more thoughtfully via automation, which users will gladly welcome.

AvaTrade provides many resources, and its popularity is evident around the world. However, when compared with TechBerry, it doesn’t promise consistent returns, while TechBerry does that and even rewards its users for just sharing their data.

The Bitcoin ETF Alternative

Bitcoin ETFs refer to assets that are known for mirroring BTC’s underlying value, and they can even be traded on stock exchanges. In addition, these instruments can support investments in the tokens without any cryptocurrency exchange involvement. For instance, you have BITO, aka the Bitcoin Strategy ETF from ProShares. Due to this, several opportunities have popped up inside TechBerry’s services, as it’s a proper substitute for such ETFs.

From this moment on, TechBerry’s users can access numerous Bitcoin-centric membership subscriptions, where deposits and withdrawals are incredibly streamlined, with exchange rates determined during transactional execution. Payment methods like credit cards and bank wires have been supported, all of which makes for a rather interesting experience.

TechBerry: The Social FX Platform You’ve Been Waiting For

The innovation that accompanies TechBerry’s streamlined FX services is what has elevated its status within the industry’s ranks, making it a force to be reckoned with. To be more specific, the consistent monthly returns here have played a tremendous role in that, and in a sector that’s as risky and competitive as that, that’s quite impressive, where competition is replaced just as it’s created and millions can be lost in mere moments. This, when noting its inception, is all a perfect demonstration of reliability paired with dedication.

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