For millions of adults in the UK, the working week is a long and tiring affair. For many office-based workers, the week will typically involve routine and occasional tasks, managing inbound emails, and preparing for meetings. The 9-5 routine can sometimes become a little tedious, so it is little surprise that many workers look forward to the weekend with anticipation.

For some, it is an opportunity to rest and relax, perhaps indulging in a favourite TV series and binge-watching. However, for other adults, the weekend is the time for indulging in more exciting pursuits that will get the pulse racing and add some much-needed thrills to their free time. If you are looking forward to the coming weekend but seek excitement rather than relaxation, this article will be of assistance. Two unique adult activities will be described that are guaranteed to bring fun and thrills.

1.   Watch your favourite football team play

In the UK, few other sports command the same level of passion and commitment from their fans as football. The premier league is renowned all over the world for providing the highest level of professional sport and is often regarded as the world’s top league. If you are lucky enough to have a premiership team play in your town or city, watching a home game can provide a truly thrilling 90 minutes of sporting excellence. However, you can increase the excitement level by playing a bet on the outcome of the match.

Many bookmakers will allow you to bet on a wide range of outcomes, from picking the winner of the game to guessing who will score first. Use a free bet calculator to better understand the odds and how these will affect your winnings if you are lucky enough to predict a specific outcome during the game. This will give you a clear picture of how much you can win without needing to do the maths yourself. Many adults find that betting on a match whilst attending the game makes for a truly thrilling afternoon of sport, with the bonus of potentially giving you some winnings.

2.   Explore the outdoors on your mountain bike

For fitness fans who love the great outdoors, one of the best activities to consider is mountain biking. 43% of the UK population have a positive view of this sport and each weekend, millions of adults take to the hills and trails to improve their mountain biking skills whilst enjoying exercise and the natural environment. There is a wide range of public trails in the UK in which you can enjoy this sport, often in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

If you want to increase the thrills from participating in this sport, mix up your biking route with some downhill sections. If you are serious about downhill mountain biking, it is wise to invest in a full-suspension bike, ideally with shock absorbers that have significant amounts of travel. This will ensure that you can soak up any bumps and ride safely at speed. Search online to find your nearest mountain biking trail. If you have like-minded friends, venture out as a group and see who has the best skills and endurance!

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