If you get online and browse any shopping website for audio devices, you will come across too many options. There are earphones, headphones, earbuds, wireless speakers, sound bars, home theatres and many more. Similarly, there are connectivity options like Bluetooth, Aux, Type-C, Lighting, and so on. 

It can turn into a daunting task to keep up with all these audio devices, especially if your job requires them. So, let’s break through this perplexing web of audio devices to streamline everything for you:

1. Earphones For The Budget 

The wired earphones are the best investment you can make for personal experience. Whether you want to be on a call or enjoy music, it is perfect. You can find many premium-level earphones that cost way less and do the job. They are perfect for gaming and everyday use. 

Most earphones come with a 3.5 mm jack, but you shouldn’t use them with power-packed devices like laptops. 

2. Headphones To Enrich The Experience

Headphones work as an upgrade over earphones. They have bigger sound drivers that can offer you better sound (often Hi-Fi) and don’t always rely on the device’s output. There are additional features like Active Noise Cancellation, Dolby Atmos support, and other enriching features.

Headphones are great for anyone looking to enter the domain of a rich sound profile and a more immersive experience. If you don’t like the wired design of earphones, headphones work great. They are the jack of all trades, and they work great with laptops and other power-packed devices too.  

3. Wireless Buds For Extra Fun 

Whether you opt for Buds, Airpods, Earphones, Air dopes or any other name you have for them, these are just wireless earphones that provide you features of headphones. If you find headphones bulky or heavy, then Wireless buds are a good choice for the price.

Depending on the brand, app, and features, buds can vary greatly, similar to headphones. They are only useful for those who want smaller or more portable options for headphones. Otherwise, headphones are always better for the same budget. 

4. Home Theatre Is For Group Entertainment 

Investing in a home theatre for your house is a necessity. It will enrich your movie or show viewing experience, especially if you do it with family or friends. Investing in 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theatre is good enough, but if you have a larger TV and bigger space, you can opt for 7.1, 9.1 or any other expensive option.

Remember, you don’t get to use it as much as you expect to. For a private viewing experience, headphones tend to work better. Sound bars are basically part of home theatres and work as speaker amplification for TVs. 

5. Bluetooth Speakers For Portability 

Bluetooth speakers are good only if you travel in a group and need to stream music for the group. Otherwise, there isn’t much use to them. You could also invest in a party box instead of a Bluetooth speaker for house parties. So, they aren’t relevant investments. 

Don’t Forget The Connectivity Options 

It is important to consider the connectivity option above everything else. The best thing you can do is have 3.5 jack connectivity or at least connectivity for aux cables. Click here to find the best Aux cables. Your headphones, earphones, home theatre, card audio, and even Bluetooth speakers come with a jack to connect an aux cable. So, make sure to invest in one. 

However, if you have restrictions like the absence of a 3.5 mm jack port but have a Type-C or lighting connector, then invest in a converter for an aux cable. That way, you will have complete connectivity options.

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