According to construction industry expert Glenigan, only 40% of construction jobs are completed on time. Given just how much is financially at stake on every major construction job, this is a worrying figure which could have wider ramifications for both the companies that are unfortunate enough to fall behind, and the industry as a whole.

Those working on construction sites day in and day out are the lifeblood of every project, which is why it’s reasonable to assume issues with the way site staff spend their precious time could be, in part, to blame for projects falling behind.

Countless issues can arise on construction sites that could draw essential staff away from their important work, adding time to the project and costing productivity. However, poor delivery management will undoubtedly lead to workers needing to abandon their specific roles to deal with ill-timed or inaccurate deliveries and the consequences that arise as a result.

These issues aren’t limited to just one member or class of construction site staff either – they cause ripples that roll their way across the entire staff at virtually every level of authority and responsibility. But delivery management tools can help put a stop to these problems and help construction staff better use their time. Keep reading to find out how.

How delivery issues can impact different construction staff – and how delivery management software can help

Inventory or Project Managers

As those in charge of all site tools, materials, and other miscellaneous items imperative to the job, inventory managers have a lot of stress on their shoulders as it is. Not only must they keep track of all on-site items, but they must plan (with as much accuracy as possible) for the delivery of fresh stock when it is required – without going over budget.

A lack of in-depth inventory taking can lead to the ordering of excess stock that may not end up being used at all, instead taking up space on site that could be better occupied. It’s also an unnecessary expenditure that may come back to haunt the manager when higher-ups are going over the books later down the line.

But with effective delivery management software, inventory managers can have a crystal clear picture of expected items at all times. By working with suppliers and also giving them access to the platform, managers can be kept up to date on precisely what items are due and when with the ability to amend the order or contact the vendor in the event of a mistake long before they arrive.

General construction staff

When large deliveries arrive on site, it often falls to any available construction staff to assist with the unloading and packing away of tools and materials, so that they’re not occupying space that could be deemed a safety hazard. 

However, if there is no clear timeline on when deliveries are going to arrive, this can have consequences on worker output. Construction staff may abandon their posts early so that they can catch the delivery as it arrives, or the same staff may need to rush to deal with the delivery when it suddenly turns up – neither of which offers much in the way of prior time planning. If staff need to leave their duties without the necessary planning in place, they may lose several minutes or even hours of productivity.

But with delivery management software, vendors and inventory managers can offer a high degree of accuracy as to when orders are expected. This means staff that are brought in to unload said delivery don’t need to waste any time and can plan their day around the delivery to achieve the highest work output possible. Knowing when a delivery will arrive allows staff to prioritise and complete important tasks ahead of time, so they’re not interrupted by the delivery and can maintain a solid level of productivity.

Choose delivery management software to improve your site processes

If the above sounds like it would be of benefit on your next construction job, consider onboarding construction site delivery management software to make the most of your deliveries, your staff and your time. 

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