As we approach the end of 2023, plenty of people will be thinking about the key areas to target for investment next year. Naturally, there are plenty of industries which are well worth a look at, covering all manner of fields.

Of course, you should do your due diligence around businesses, but what are the areas you should be looking at come the new year, and where exactly should you be investing your money?

Renewable Energy

Of course, as we all shift towards a more sustainable outlook on how we live, the renewable energy sector is going to be hugely important. Governments worldwide are looking to how they become greener and as technology continues to develop, so do the opportunities for investment in the sector, with 2024 expected to be another huge year.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Similarly, artificial intelligence continues to be huge, and there’s no doubt it will be for many years to come as it becomes even more intelligent.

Machine learning is everywhere these days, and you only have to see the furore the likes of chatGPT caused this year to know it’s going to be big business, so get in while you can!

Online gambling

Online gambling has been a growing industry for many years, and there’s tons of opportunity at present, particularly as many US states begin to legalise it. Games are forever becoming more advanced and immersive, with games such as Vertical American Roulette VIP welcoming in a whole new audience.

What’s more, the likes of AI and virtual reality are only advancing online gambling even further. Never mind 2024 being online gambling’s year, think about 2025, 26, 27 and beyond too.

Biotechnology and Healthcare

Recent years have welcomed a huge step forward for bigtechnology and virtual healthcare, with biometric tracking and breakthroughs in research completely transforming how patients are treated and diagnosed.

From new medicines to new forms of therapy, it’s a dynamic industry that is proving incredibly lucrative for many investors at the moment.


Finally, online shopping continues to be a force to be reckoned with, and that’s expected to continue largely thanks to AI and augmented reality. We’ve already seen some great examples of augmented reality within the retail space, while online marketplaces, particularly in the upcycling and vintage spaces are really taking off, completely transforming consumers’ spending habits.

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