Gamblers are always looking for a way to multiply their earnings. Taking risks, calculating possible outcomes, and building a betting strategy help gamblers stay on their game. Betting calculators help bettors compute their possible returns and plan how to distribute their odds for maximum returns. Furthermore, it saves gamblers’ time and provides them with a way of removing uncertainty from their bets. Want to know more about boosting your earnings with the Lucky 15 Calculator? Read our review below. 

What is a Betting Calculator? 

A betting calculator is an online tool that helps bettors calculate how much their potential winnings on a bet are. An example is the Lucky 15 Calculator, which allows users to check up to 15 bets on 4 selections. These calculators help gamblers decide the best way to structure their bets and how to make the most from their bankroll. These calculators are built to handle different types of bets and provide users with crucial information to help their gambling. 

Users can access these calculators online as they are usually web-based tools. They are also easy to use as the instructions are usually straightforward. In addition, there are different types to choose from depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, you will find specialized calculators for different sports, including Tennis, Horse Racing, MMA, Soccer, and Basketball. 

Simple vs. Comprehensive Betting Calculators

The two types of betting calculators are simple and comprehensive betting calculators. As the names imply, the simple betting calculators allow users to work out simple odds (win bets), which may become easier to calculate as a gambler becomes more experienced. These calculators are simple and cannot perform complex odds calculators that experienced gamblers would need. Therefore, they are more suited for beginner or newbie gamblers. 

Comprehensive betting calculators like the Lucky 15 Calculator provide users with various features. Bettors can calculate full cover bets, each-way bets, accumulators, and multiple bets using these calculators. Users can input their odds and receive the expected returns, profit, and outlay in one click. These calculators are suited for gamblers who perform complicated betting moves to improve their returns. Comprehensive calculators like Lucky 15 allow users to multiply their earnings and receive bigger returns. 

How to Use a Betting Calculator

To use a betting calculator efficiently. You need to know what betting terminologies mean. These betting terminologies will help you navigate how to use the calculator and what values to input. A winning bet is when you pick the winner of a sporting event. Picking multiple winners across different sporting events is known as a multiple bet. You are allowed to place single, double, and triple winning bets across multiple events when you use a betting calculator. Your winnings are only guaranteed if all your predicted outcomes are true. 

Betting on four events and above is known as an accumulator. These sorts of bets are popular because they allow players to increase their returns by increasing the odds and reducing the staked amount. There are also full-cover bets that allow users to win returns even when one or more of the predicted outcomes do not come through. Learning how each of these betting terminologies works and what they mean will help you to get the most out of a betting calculator. 

How to Type Odds Into a Betting Calculator

There are different odd formats used by online betting sites. Betting calculators may require specific formats depending on the calculator you are using. Odds can be represented as fractions (6/1), as decimals (5.00), and using the moneyline format (+400). Users should pay attention to these odd formats as they’ll be needed to enter the accurate odds on the calculators. In addition, players should also learn how to convert one odd format to the other for clarity when using an unfamiliar betting calculator. 


Betting calculators allow users to maximize their returns. Using a calculator like the Lucky 15 Calculator will give you an edge when you are playing bets, and it will also allow you to have a clear idea of what to expect from your bets. If you are new to betting, you should endeavor to learn how these calculators work and use them while you bet. 

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