A lot of people ask what is a warrant of control. They may be recommended it or have heard of it but don’t know what this is. This article has been created to go through some of the basics about a warrant of control and aim provide some guidance and help for those querying what it is.

What is a warrant of control?

A warrant of control is a court order that permits a judgment creditor to use a bailiff or an enforcement agent to seize & sell a judgment debtor’s assets to satisfy a judgment debt. The technique of enforcing a judgment is known as “execution against goods.” In fact, a warrant of control is used to force a judgment where the outstanding amount is less than £600.00.

How to make an application for a warrant of control?

You should use Form N323 to make an application for a warrant of control. On gathering your application, the county court will issue a warrant of control and inform a bailiff to attend to the matter at hand.

How much does it cost to apply for a warrant of control?

The county court will charge a fee of £77.00 for the process of issuing a warrant of control. In addition, a fixed fee according to the value of debt will be charged on a sliding scale.

What happens after a warrant of control has been issued?

 Once issued a warrant of control will notify the debtor of a date that the bailiffs will attend their property. They will have a limited time, usually 14 days to contest the order.

What goods can be seized & sold using a warrant of control?

The type of assets that could be seized and sold will depend on the judgment debtor’s status – whether it’s an individual debtor or a limited company. The general rule of thumb is that any asset could be seized and sold unless they are not “exempt goods” such as tools of the trade in the case of an individual debtor.

How long does a warrant of control last?

A warrant of control should last for twelve months from the date of issue. But you can apply to the county court and get the warrant renewed if more time is required to enforce a judgment.

The aforementioned article provides information on what is a warrant of control.

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