If you’ve developed a really good idea and are looking to start a business as a result, this should be an exciting time for you. It’s likely that you will have a lot on your plate during these early phases, from onboarding new staff to running day-to-day company operations. You may find yourself juggling a lot of responsibilities and having to wear various hats at once.

When you outsource your marketing to a remote team, you will have a lot less to worry about. Your outsourced marketing team can work towards generating new opportunities for your growing business while you spend your time focusing on other important business functions. 

What is an outsourced marketing team?

Staffing your business with full-time, in-house marketing professionals is challenging. Skilled marketers are in high demand and their salaries can be a large expense for your company. Your marketing can be outsourced to an agency who usually offers a full range of high-quality marketing services without the burden of providing full-time benefits.

A large part of your objective as a startup will be to generate leads and sales quickly, so that you generate the cash flow you require to grow and scale your business. Your outsourced marketing team will primarily be focused on achieving this objective for you. 

An outsourced marketing team is a group of specialists who can provide you with services to cover every aspect of your marketing as a start up. 

Why use an outsourced marketing team?

As you are now focused on building and developing a product or service to sell, you will need assistance with creating a brand image. This includes your logo, design style guides, your website, and any other marketing collateral you’ll need to make the launch of your business a success.

Gain access to marketing expertise

A great reason to outsource your marketing team is that you gain valuable marketing expertise. Regardless of the niche your company falls within, outsourced professionals develop extensive expertise in their knowledge areas that can’t be matched by internal marketers that are focused on a single company or product line.

Scale as you grow

Outsourcing your marketing is completely scalable. So, as your business’s needs fluctuate, an outsourced marketing team can adjust accordingly. As your company starts to grow, so can your outsourced marketing programme to boost company revenue. On the other hand, if you’re growing at a pace faster than you can handle, an outsourced marketing team can dial back on the number of leads and sales that are being generated, giving you time to prepare further resources and prioritise customer satisfaction.

Reduce your overhead expenses

Having an in-house marketing team is expensive. From HR to recruitment, training, and benefits, it’s a long and tedious process to find and onboard suitable marketing professionals. This is probably something you don’t have time or capacity for as you work on growing your startup. Your needs will also vary depending on your company’s situation.

If you outsource your marketing team, you will pay a fixed monthly retainer. If you decide to scale up or down, your retainer will follow suit. Either way, you have expert assistance available at a moment’s notice when you need it most.

What marketing functions can you outsource?

A full-service marketing agency will usually offer you an outsourced marketing manager, content marketing teams, social media experts, public relations teams, a brand team, digital advertising, marketing operations, and an analytics service.

Essentially, an outsourced marketing team can operate every marketing channel you wish to use to promote your brand. 

Perhaps your most fundamental need as a start up is a marketing strategy and plan that covers the scope of your marketing efforts. By outsourcing your marketing, you will have access to highly skilled strategists who can devise and develop this strategy for you as well as access to a team who can implement your plan. If you use your outsourced marketing team on a long-term basis, they can consistently work towards the goals and objectives outlined in your marketing strategy.

How to hire an outsourced marketing team

The first decision you will need to make when hiring an outsourced marketing team is what your specific needs will be. Marketing agencies usually tailor their packages to your specific requirements.

Do you require a team who are specialised in a particular industry or service? Do you need access to a full bouquet of services including everything from strategy to garnering leads and sales? Do you need a team who you can meet with on-site each week, or would a virtual marketing team suit you better?

You don’t have to have all the answers at once, after all, your marketing team will need to make a lot of decisions on your behalf as they are experts. But before you approach an agency, you should have some semblance of what it is your startup needs from a marketing perspective to powerfully promote your new brand.

From cost saving to having access to world class experts, the benefits of outsourcing your marketing team are endless. If you are running a startup, it is the ideal situation as this important business function will be taken off your hands and handled by a team of experts who can provide you with a high-quality output. This leaves you with time to work on and develop the other aspects of your business, while new opportunities are being created for you with little of your own input.

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