Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote your small business or brand. Instagram is also very suitable for fashion designers, freelancers, and models or influencers to promote themselves and their work.

Does the question arise about how to promote your business efficiently? The simple answer says that the more Instagram followers you have, the more rapidly you can market your services. And this is definitely true when you are looking to grow and scale your reach and user base across the board.

However, getting followers on Instagram is easier said than done. With more people now using the mobile and internet social platform than ever before, it’s important to start growing your audience as much as possible, versus waiting until later on.

To learn more about this process, be sure to read through the article content below.

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There are a bunch of great third-party services in the market currently. You can pay and buy followers from them. This article will compare the two prevalent websites, Famoid and SidesMedia. Both companies have been working for a long time and provide the service of buying real IG followers to accounts of all sizes. Our focus will be on the quality of their services. We will also see which website offers more value for money.

We will also discuss how our readers can get the most number of followers from these services.

Buying followers

Famoid and SidesMedia, both websites sell followers. The pricing and rates are somewhat identical. However, Famoid is a little more economical and budget-friendly for its users. SidesMedia generally has higher rates. If you buy from SidesMedia right now, they give out a discount. Generally, you’d be good with Famoid because of their lower rates.

Thus, you should select a package with one of these websites and get what you paid for, depending on your needs, which takes us to our next point.

Transfer Rates

Once you have selected a package that fulfills your needs, you should proceed to the payment method, which we will discuss briefly in the next part of this article. Upon successful payment, the website will transfer your followers.

Famoid doesn’t take more than a few moments until your followers start to pour in. SidesMedia claims a total period of 24-48 hours. People who hurry and need instant services should be better off with Famoid. If you don’t mind waiting and sitting on the edge of your seat, hoping you didn’t get scammed, then SidesMedia isn’t that bad.

Payment Method

SidesMedia has only one available mode of payment, and that is through credit card. Most people try to avoid paying through their credit cards online. If you are concerned with your online financial safety, this is a big risk for you. Famoid accepts payment through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Thus, Famoid is better in terms of online financial safety.


Famoid and SidesMedia claim to give you real and high-quality followers, but there is a little difference. Famoid claims to add high-quality automated AI-based followers. These followers are not humans, but they act pretty much like humans online. Instagram’s checking policy has gotten very strict over the years, and it isn’t easy to buy followers who stay on your account.

SidesMedia claims to add real human accounts to your profile. It is a very attractive offer, and one would think that is probably why it takes them 72 hours to deliver. Unfortunately, that is not the case; SidesMedia runs an online business and offers thousands of followers. It can’t be all done through real followers. The reason that they take a long time to deliver is to avoid triggering Instagram’s safety network.

Famoid has a better rate of providing long-lasting followers. Sometimes, after you have received your followers from an online site, you would notice a bunch of them removed from your account the very next morning. This removal is because Instagram detects suspicious activity. Followers that you have bought from Famoid are not going anywhere.

Customer support

Both platforms offer 24/7 customer support for their users. We didn’t find any complaints with either of their services. However, Famoid is a little more efficient with handling complaints and providing faster solutions.

Final Word

So, the end of our article brings us to our main question, Famoid or SidesMedia. If you want to buy followers and base your Instagram account on your hard work, you don’t have to keep buying followers. We recommend you to go with Famoid. Famoid has a smart and robust system that ensures that your account gets the attention it deserves and there is a constant flow of followers. Thus, in our opinion, you can get the most followers with Famoid.

It doesn’t matter if you are focusing your efforts on social media or other online marketing solutions, the important thing is that you are making progress daily. To learn more about the latest trends and working methods in the world of online marketing, take a moment to listen to the latest podcasts available from Each of them are unique and tackle a different obstacle when it comes to growing a business online through social media and especially Instagram.

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