Selling your house is listed as one of the most stressful events in your life. This is hardly surprising! Selling your house is time-consuming and emotional too, as the whole procedure has numerous pitfalls to avoid. Your house cannot be considered sold until you have actually exchanged contracts – and this can take many months. An increasing number of property owners are turning to UK house buyers for the quick hassle-free option for selling their home. ‘We buy any house’ companies will buy your property quickly and effortlessly. Once you have agreed a price with the company, you will be able to choose when to finalise the deal – on a date that is convenient to you. This is the day that you will receive the full amount in cash, straight into your bank account. Here are some good reasons why you can save yourself stress by selling to a cash house buyer:

? Selling your property is so quick and effortless

You will be visited by the house buyer who will be able to give you an exact figure for buying your property. True this figure is usually 85-90% of the market value of your home, but this is the figure you will receive in cash – there are no hidden costs like there are when you sell your house using an agent.

? You know the price you will get for your house

It is true that if your home is in good condition and is in a desired area, you may well get more than the market value, but sadly, this is not often the case. Many home owners have to accept a lower offer on their asking price. Unfortunately, some house owners are ‘gazundered’ at the 12th hour. This is when the prospective buyer suddenly can no longer buy the property at the agreed price – usually because they have had to accept a lower offer on their own house. Unfortunately, this all usually happens just days prior to the exchange of contracts when many house owners are forced into accepting the lower price because they have not got the option to put their house back on the market. Knowing exactly how much you will get for your property- and on what date- makes a huge difference to your own plans. You know exactly what price bracket you can go house hunting and in exactly what time frame you will be able to complete on a house purchase.

? You don’t have to prepare to sell your property

Deciding that you are going to put your house on the market, is usually just the starting block! Before you nail up the ‘For Sale’ sign, there is usually weeks of preparation to complete. The house needs to be cleaned inside and out and all those long overdue DIY and maintenance jobs must be completed. The garden will need attention too, so that it is tidy and presentable too. Selling to a cash house buyer could not be easier! The company will buy your home whatever its condition, so there is absolutely no need to rush round with a paintbrush after a long day at work.

?You don’t have to spend time & effort on house viewings

It is surprising how much time house viewings can take. Even if the agent comes with the prospective buyers, they usually like you to be ‘on hand’ to answer any tricky questions the prospective buyers raise. This is all very good, but it uses up valuable time that you might want to use yourself for house hunting. Keeping your house always looking immaculate takes effort too. Selling your property to a cash house buyer does away with all this as you will have one visit from the company’s representative and that is it!

? Things can’t go wrong at the last minute

The biggest bonus for selling your home to a cash house buyer is that things cannot go wrong. If you choose a reputable cash buyer, the company will have significant funds so can buy your house outright on the agreed date. Once you have signed the agreement with the company, almost nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, selling your house through an estate agent means that plenty can go wrong – especially if your potential buyer is in a property chain and someone further down the chain has their mortgage application turned down etc. In fact, something can go wrong at any stage until the Exchange of Contracts – how scary is that!

? The sale is completed fast

It is very unusual for something to go wrong with a deal made with a cash buyer. The whole transaction will be completed painlessly in less than one month – which is much faster that a traditional house purchase. Selling your home to a house buyer certainly is advantageous and a much smoother procedure as there are no hassles with mortgage companies, surveyors etc. The whole transaction is easy and straightforward and leaves you relaxed and stress-free for your house move!
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