The number of people who’ll visit your website doesn’t matter if no one is actually interested in your services/products, and they immediately bounce off to another website. This is why most specialists will tell you that the conversion rate (the percentage of people who will do something you deem desirable on your website) is even more important than traffic for most webmasters.

Sadly, although the methods of increasing traffic are often straightforward, increasing conversion rate is quite a little bit more tricky, but it isn’t undoable by any means. And we demonstrate that in this article by going over some of the best ways of improving conversion rate for your business website.

#1 Collect User Data

One of the first steps that is essential to improving conversion rate is data collection. Although this step is quite complicated and doesn’t improve conversion rate alone, it is the necessary foundation that you can build with all your efforts.

By collecting user data, you can find out how long each person stays on your website, which pages perform the worst, which sections of the website engage users the most, and much more. The amount of information you can collect about how users interact with your website is virtually limitless.

After you’ve collected enough data, you will have a clear picture of various shortcomings on your landing pages and how to go about ameliorating them to increase the conversion rate.

#2 Clearly Demonstrate Your Added Value on Each Page

Stop thinking about the internet and the conventions, culture, and technical details for a minute. In real life, how do you convince someone of something? How do you make them want something?

You usually don’t just shout “buy this” “try this” until they do, which is the online equivalent of creating a semi-empty page and putting a lot of large buttons on it with the “buy”, “subscribe”, etc. labels. It is completely ineffective.

On each page, you need to demonstrate the value of your products/services through either graphics, paragraphs, etc. Regardless of how you do it, you need to make the visitors understand the value of your products/services.

#3 Optimize the Design and the Layout of Your Website

Most people who browse online websites looking to buy products/services are usually in haste, and they don’t take a long time to make up their mind about a certain website. Usually, they decide whether to give a website a chance or not based entirely on the first 5 seconds of interacting with it.

And those five seconds aren’t spent reading long paragraphs, they are spent looking at the design, colour scheme, and layout of the website. This is why most people consider the theme and design of the website to be more important for conversion than the content on the website literally advertising the products and explaining their functionality.

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your website, make sure its design and layout are up to date and modern, and most importantly, make sure they appear trustworthy and reliable. And if you don’t know how to design a website yourself, you can always rely on a WordPress development agency to get the job done.

#4 Make Full Use of Reviews and Testimonials

Earning the trust of your visitors is the most important task if you want to increase conversion rates. There’s no force in the world that can force someone to buy something online if they don’t trust the platform first.

One of the primary ways you can make people trust your website is through independent, reliable reviews and testimonials. If people see a reviewer they trust endorse your website, you’ll automatically earn their trust. There are a couple of ways to go about this:

  • Make it easy for people to leave reviews, and prompt buyers who you think will have a positive reaction to your products/services to leave a review.
  • Contact independent reviewers and send them samples. This is a way to create trustworthy independent reviews and build your brand at the same time.


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