Have you put more time and effort into your outdoor space in the past year or so? With lockdown conditions forcing millions of us to stay at home more than we expected, gardens have become a top priority for potential house buyers. This trend is likely to increase opportunities for landscaping professionals as a result.

So how can you go about setting up a landscaping business to capitalise on this demand? As with any new venture, there are certain ways you’ll need to prepare before launching to market.

Read five essential components for running a successful landscaping business below.

Landscaping knowledge and skills

While certain projects might allow you to learn on the job, it goes without saying that you’ll need to have a good foundation of landscaping knowledge. Your remit could include bush, grass and soil work, plus planting and pest control.

You’re also likely to need softer skills like timekeeping, project management and an ability to listen to your clients’ needs, as well as having good physical fitness.

Tools and equipment

You’ll also need to kit yourself out with the right tools for the tasks at hand. Your shopping list is likely to include a trusty shovel, rakes, trowels, secateurs and pruners, among other more heavy-duty items for cutting and digging.

Don’t forget about safety equipment too. Ear defenders are essential for working with noisy power tools, while reinforced boots will look after your feet in damp conditions.

A vehicle

How do you plan to get around? Whether it’s a van, truck or car, you’ll need a convenient way of reaching your clients no matter how local they are.

Your chosen vehicle will need enough space for storing your everyday equipment as well transporting any larger materials such as paving slabs. It wants to be secure too – your tools will become your livelihood, after all.

The necessary registrations

A crucial first step when setting up a landscaping business is choosing a legal structure, be it as a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Sole traders are most common in this profession, but it depends on your ambitions.

You’ll also need to register your business for tax and insurance purposes. Neglecting this admin work could lead to penalties if you’re caught out.


A final essential component is a customer base! Word of mouth can only get you so far, so make use of channels such as local newspapers and directories and create a presence online. It’s relatively quick and easy to set up a basic website to handle enquiries nowadays.

From here you’ll want to create a portfolio of your work and build relationships that earn positive reviews, helping you win more work in the future.


Could landscaping work for you full time? Follow the tips above to make a success of your talents.

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