A secure payment system is one of the most important tools any ecommerce business can invest in. While increasing numbers of people are shopping online, each customer wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing their payment data will be dealt with securely and their personal information will be kept safe.

Anyone shopping online wants the reassurance of a secure payment gateway. Consumers also want a payment processing system that is fast, efficient and easy to navigate. This includes acceptance of a variety of payment methods to facilitate transactions from anywhere.

The GumBallPay Payment Gateway has been designed specifically to ensure ecommerce businesses can gain full control over their payments and customers can be provided with a user-friendly service that meets their needs.

GumBallPay provides more than just a payment system for clients. With the GumBallPay Payment Gateway, ecommerce businesses have access to a portfolio of tools that can help improve visibility and transparency throughout the entire payment process. These tools include billing services, payment cycles and report generation to help optimise business processes and operations. The payment solution from GumBallPay can be seamlessly integrated into any website, working in partnership with existing ecommerce systems to improve payment options for customers and deliver more control to businesses.

The GumBallPay Payment Gateway accepts all major payment providers, including RuPay, JCB, Diners, Discover, Visa and Mastercard, facilitating payments from a wide customer base. The system is supported in 180 countries to date and has local acquiring in each country alongside optimised acceptance rates.

GumBallPay operates independently and is not controlled or owned by an acquiring bank, working instead with a range of banks to deliver the best possible rates to each of its clients. Competitive rates are combined with an onboarding time of just seven days and quick compliance. The bespoke service is based on the unique requirements of each business client, with a tailored service that leverages banking partners and industry relationships to secure the best deals.

GumBallPay has been designed to be able to integrate into any system and connect with merchant accounts quickly and easily. Technical support is provided by a team of dedicated engineers 24/7 for complete peace of mind about a fully accessible payment system.

Customers can simply input their card details to the system and the funds are transferred securely through the GumBallPay platform to the merchant account within days. GumBallPay secures against fraud using 3D Secure and the entire payment processing solution is compliant with Level 1 PCI DSS standards.

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