Investing is imperative and all-important for most people to attain a comfortable future. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, a supposedly firm and secure economy can, at the speed of light, turn the other way around.

Thus, leaving unprepared people struggling for income. However, those people who are able to secure their investments might have done rather well because, in the second half of 2020, the market recorded new all-time highs.

Instead of sitting on your money, why not try investing. However, what investments should you be taking this year? Below are some of the best investments you can make this 2021. Read on to know more!

Sports Betting Stocks

One of the in-demand and sought-after areas of the market right now is sports betting stocks. Experts foresee more of the same in the coming years. It is quite hard to know how large the sports betting industry may become since estimates for the size of this market vary in time horizon and size.

However, one thing is comprehensible: the stakes are very high. Every move and play in sports causes an outcome that you can bet on. Sports betting enables people to be more involved and occupied in the game. In particular, each play makes it more entertaining and fun to watch. Before you invest in sports betting stocks, make sure to use Odds Calculator.

Real Estate

Because of the invariable rise and growth in residential real estate costs, real estate investment seems like a mixed bag going into this year. However, this is precisely why it might earn a close look in the long run.

Will real estate go up or down in 2021? Well, it is anybody’s guess. Real estate investment trusts seemed like a wonderful bet following huge gains in 2019 and a solid start in 2020. Still and all, nobody saw the COVID-19 virus coming, and it demonstrated to be a game-changer.

Regardless, it is still a good idea to invest in real estate at this time. Consider counter-play to the market. More often than not, real estate makes a very strong performance during declines in the stock market because investors usually try to find alternative equity investments.

High-Yield Savings Account

These investments are accessible vehicles for your money. For the most part, you can usually gain high-interest rates at an online bank but with fewer overhead costs. What’s more, you can withdraw the money by swiftly moving it to your bank.

High-yield savings accounts are best for risk-averse investors. In particular, those people who are in dire need of money quickly and want to keep away from the risk that they will not get their cashback.

Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are the luxury cars in the world of stock investing. These long-term investments guarantee high returns and growth. Many times, growth stocks are technology companies. However, they do not have to be.

Generally, they cultivate their income back into the business. Therefore, they seldom pay out a dividend, not until their growth slows down. Take note that these investments can be risky since investors will need to pay a high amount for the stock relative to the earnings of the company.

With that said, when a recession or bear market arrives, growth stocks can lose lots of value rapidly. It is like their instant popularity or fame suddenly disappears. But these stocks have proven to be some of the best over the years.

If you decide to purchase individual growth stocks, make sure to analyze and study the company. Keep in mind that it can take a lot of time to carefully learn things about the company. Also, due to the stock’s volatility, you will need to commit or a high-risk tolerance to securing the growth stocks for at least five years.


Investing comes with risks. That’s a fact! To get a high return, you need to tackle or face more risks. For this reason, it is important to know your tolerance when it comes to risks and if you will have cold sweat when your investments drop. The good news is that you can lower your risk by holding your stocks longer. The longer you hold your investments, the more time you have to overcome the ups and downs.

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