COVID19 has caused widespread disruption to the economy and our daily lives. Social restrictions necessary to help curb the virus outbreak have meant that our usual routines have been significantly affected. Whether it’s visiting friends and family, working or visiting facilities such as gyms and fitness clubs, we’ve had to adapt to cater for the change.

The UK has been in a technical recession with a record slump in GDP of 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020 (April – June), the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports. The primary reason for this is the impact that the pandemic has had on employment – especially industries that rely on regular footfall and physical social engagement (such as pubs, restaurants, theatres and sports venues). The ONS reported how the number of people claiming unemployment benefits skyrocketed in July to 2.7 million, which is a 117% increase compared to March.

As we continue to recover from the impact of COVID19, job uncertainty has caused us to rethink our spending habits and find cost-effective ways to reclaim some normality and limit the level of disruption to our lives. Staying fit and healthy has always been a challenge, but never is it more important given the exposed link between major metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity etc.) and increased mortality due to worse COVID19 symptoms and a weaker immune system. With the threat that COVID19 could return on a yearly basis and restrictions still in place, finding cost-effective solutions to improving health and fitness has never been more crucial.

So how can we get into shape on a budget?  

  • Get running, cycling or moving outside

Prior to the outbreak, the gym offered a haven for workout choice, comfort and enjoyment. While these perks are essential and worth the price premium, they have not been as easily accessible during the outbreak. For many of us, routine is integral to our physical health, mental health and fitness, which has been largely disrupted.

For millions of people experiencing reduced access to their gym, trying a new form of outdoor exercise such as running, cycling or walking has revolutionised their training and lifestyle. It is estimated that almost 1 million people downloaded the highly popular ‘Couch to 5km’ app while millions more decided to download cardio apps to map their running and cycling.

The huge benefit of training outdoors is that it’s highly cost effective compared to training in the gym. On average, you can save almost £480 per year (average cost of £40 per month) that would be spent on a gym membership just by training outdoors (annual gym rate).

Interestingly, sport apparel company Sports Direct reported a 218% increase in running shoe sales and a 243% increase in running apparel sales, as reported by City A.M newspaper. This emphasises the increased investment into more cost-effective ways to make training outside more enjoyable.

If you’re thinking about making some financial tweaks, it might be time to swap that gym membership for a new pair of running shoes!

  • Check out YouTube

YouTube offers a great hub for training videos that can in turn offer an alternative to gym classes. There are entire communities dedicated to improving health, fitness and well-bing.

In addition to a fresh new take on your workout, home workouts are also very cost effective. Equipment items such as an exercise mat, dumbbells and foam roller (for helping with muscle soreness) are all optional extras to purchase at little expense to set you on your way to convenient training from the comfort of your front room.

  • Source cost-effective treatments from home

Staying on top of your health can be difficult at the moment, especially as infection rates continue to fluctuate and services such as pharmacies and chemists become even busier given we are not in a national lockdown. Treatments for ongoing health conditions are essential and can be ordered online discreetly and quickly.

Pharmica Online Pharmacy is a leading online pharmacy situated in London, dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare and delivering reliable, effective prescription and non-prescription treatments. You can simply order treatments online without the need to visit a pharmacy or doctor, all it takes is the completion of a short questionnaire that’s monitored by one of their expert pharmacists. The Pharmica Price Promise, which is a ‘lowest price guarantee’ offer, ensures that you don’t pay more than any cheaper alternative registered UK online pharmacy equivalent.

So if you want convenient health treatments, at a very affordable price, visit Pharmica for more.

There you have it, three highly effective ways to save money during uncertain times while maintaining and improving your health and well-being!

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