The advent of new, faster digital technology in recent years has had a significant impact on the casino industry. Customers want convenience and a variety of ways to play casino games, and advancements in technology help to provide that. It’s caused a massive boom in the online casino business. It’s no surprise then that analysts project that this industry will grow to around £72 billion by 2024.

Our expert guest author, Kate Richards, explains how the online casino business works. She’ll clarify some of the main aspects of this industry in the UK, and how these casinos ensure an excellent experience for gamers.

Regulation and Security in the United Kingdom

What type of business is a casino? It’s essentially a business that facilitates gambling activity. So, the industry needs stringent regulation and security as an integral part of its business to create consumer confidence, especially in new players. Most online casinos have a high level of probably as their image relies on this.

The UK legalised online gambling in 2005. It was then that authorities established the UK Gambling Commission, which regulates casinos. They issue licences to operators who meet the following criteria:

  • The games they offer are fair and transparent.
  • They prevent underage gambling.
  • They don’t allow vulnerable people to gamble.
  • They keep out all criminal activity.

Since the UK Gambling Commission regulates casinos so well, you can be confident in the providers vetted by them.

Another licencing authority relevant to UK companies is the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. There are also the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.


Online casinos have refined their design and choices of games over the last 25 years. From their humble roots, they now boast live rooms that allow you to feel like you’re in a real casino. They’ve harnessed modern graphics and the latest in technological developments, providing for an incredible experience.

This constant development is an integral part of the casino business. Along with the stiff competition, this has created a business environment that’s given rise to many reputable online casino operators.

Innovative Software and Platform

Classic brick-and-mortar casinos rely on glamour, side-line entertainment, and superb architecture to attract their customers. Online casinos don’t have these options, so they rely on their platform to attract prospective gamblers. This platform needs to support many players, have an exciting library of games and have a flawless user interface.

Platforms rely on innovative software created by top developers to drive their businesses. Many of these providers only allow licenced casinos to use their software.

There are some big names among these software providers. So, if you see that a casino uses some of the names mentioned here, you know that they have the most innovative software available. These three companies make use of excellent graphics, fairness, and a variety of themes in their games:

  • Betsoft, founded in 1999, has over 150 unique games. This company has made some top-rated slot games. These slots include great features, good RTPs and volatility.
  • NetEnt is one of the top casino software suppliers. This software powerhouse has produced software for decades and has over 200 games that they’ve developed. These include table games, slots, live casino games, and video poker.
  • Microgaming is a name associated with the very first online casino developed in the 1990s. They have over 850 casino games in its portfolio. Microgaming also works with independent developers to create a large variety of games.

Modern gamblers enjoy the freedom to play anywhere on any device. So, online casinos try to ensure that their software is compatible with many devices. Software for games like slot machines, blackjack, poker and roulette are usually adaptable to devices. This optimisation allows you to access these games with compatible tablets, smartphones and computers.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All respected online casinos allow registered players to transfer payments to and from their accounts safely. There are often many deposit and withdrawal methods so you can find the service most suited to you.

Most online casinos process deposits immediately with no fees. You’re also often rewarded for deposits with various bonus schemes. Withdrawals can take a few days. Most casinos have strict verification procedures in place.

Time frames vary depending on the provider and service used. You should also note that while the casino may not charge additional fees, the service or might. Be sure to check the fine print before you commit to anything.

Final Thoughts

The online casino business is a fascinating industry that’s continually evolving. It may seem complicated at first, but you’ll soon become familiar with it once you get involved.

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