In business, time is a critical resource of the highest order, which supersedes everything else, including money. Even at the stage of conception, the same holds true. If you are unable to capitalise in time on your latest entrepreneurial idea, you could be losing out on the first mover’s advantage (FMA). Additionally, it is also possible that the idea you have in mind is highly time-sensitive and you need to launch it within a set timeframe if the implementation is to be of any use to you. With these perspectives in mind, let’s discuss some of the fastest ways to get the funds your need to finance your idea quickly.

Find a Genuine Payday Loan Direct Lender

In case you are looking for quick cash to at least get started on your idea as soon as possible, a payday loan is going to be the fastest way to get the seeding cash. However, you need to be exceptionally careful while selecting the lending company, or you are likely to end up paying back the loaned amount + interest money at grossly disproportionate rates.

Avoid the infamous short-term loan traps by relying only on an authentic, FCA regulated credit broker like Payday UK. Dealing with them has a few major advantages. For example, given that the broker can only operate within the legal boundaries set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), all payday lenders associated with them are also genuine, reputed and regulated by the FCA by default. However, the biggest advantage in respect to the situation we are discussing here is that you will know almost instantly if you are eligible for the loan you need. With a 90% approval rate at, you could have money in the bank in 15 minutes or less.

Take a Calculated Personal Risk by Bootstrapping

The term bootstrapping simply means investing your personal belongings, funds, savings, earnings, etc. into the idea as seed money. However, the same term can mean different things to different people, based on how much money they need and to what extent they are willing to go for investing into their own idea.

Bootstrapping is not ideal and the risks are often far too great, which affects not just the people involved, but also their family members. Homes, cars and more have been lost while trying to finance one’s own idea, so being careful is a priority. Then again, calculated risks can be taken to bootstrap at least a portion of the funds necessary to finance the idea. A few tips as stated below should help you avoid making ruinous personal investments into the business idea:

  • Do not put anything in line as collateral, without consulting with your partner first
  • Avoid going all out, even if the idea seems like an instant winner
  • Make small investments first to see how much promise the idea holds
  • Don’t invest any money that you cannot afford to lose
  • Try to find one other investor/partner/cofounder at the very least, if not more
  • Bootstrapping ideas are more suited for sectors that offer a quick rate of return
  • Cut costs by keeping the operation small in the beginning and starting with as few employees as possible
  • Prepare to handle a lot of the labour duty yourself to save money, unless it’s skilled labour that you are not qualified to handle
  • Save rent by digitizing as much of the operation as you can, if not the whole of it

Look for Help from Friends and Family Members

This one depends entirely on what your reputation is and how good of a relationship you have with them. If you have the reputation of being good with money, it wouldn’t be unlikely for people close to you to trust you with a big investment. Check out a few effective tips that will raise your odds of being able to finance a business idea with loans from family and friends:

  • Ask for smaller amounts from multiple people, rather than doing it the other way around
  • Only ask for loans from family members, relatives and friends you know are capable of providing it to you
  • Match the amount with the person’s financial status, so that the amount never feels absurd to them
  • Never bother those who are not willing, able or interested in the idea; it will burn bridges for future loans as well

Sometimes, a small investment into a potent idea is the best way to see if it really is as potent as it seems to be. There is always the risk of something not going your way, but when your investment is small, so are your risks. On the other hand, if it does begin to show signs of true promise, there are always interested commercial investors around to finance a promising business’s growth later on.

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