Once you’ve identified the need for a business meeting or event it is time to set the whole shebang in motion. It should be a fairly straightforward process but it is wise to get everything arranged as quickly as possible so nothing is missed and the meeting or event happens as smoothly as possible. The following should help you accomplish this task.

Venue – 

There is a range of options for choosing events or business meeting venues, and these cater from smaller gatherings to large scale arena type of events. Choose the one appropriate to your needs.

When choosing a venue try using a site such as partyhouses.co.uk or similar. They have a great choice of venues for meetings and events and you should be able to find something quickly and keep the project on track and rolling along. Also, booking early is more likely to guarantee you can secure the space you want.

Business Meeting –

Assign Roles to your Team

After you have a venue it is time to assign roles to the team. For a meeting it may look like something like this:

  • The chair – The chair guides the meeting keeping it moving and on track. A key role here is to ensure there is not too much deviation from the topics discussed.
  • Minute taker – This person records all aspects of the meeting.
  • An expert – Often an outside insightful mind can shed light on issues and bring a new perspective. It could be an idea of only inviting the expert for the time they are needed. This optimises efficiency and allows the expert to make more of an impact.

Put your Agenda Together

Once everyone knows what they are doing put together an agenda for the topics to be discussed. It is important that these are adhered to as the meeting progresses.

Send out Notifications

Once you have the venue, roles have been assigned, the agenda is finalised, send out notifications for the meeting to those that need to attend. Include important stakeholders even if they are not attending so they are kept in the loop.

Business Event –

Send out Invites

Decide who needs to be at the event and send out the invitations. People need time to plan so send them out in good time. Often invitees lists need approval, so put the list together quickly.

Make a List

Once you have a good venue for your event make a list of everything you will need. This could include caterers, lighting engineers, PA systems? Will you require security? Much of this might come with the venue but you’ll need to check.

Printed Materials

From flyers to brochures to programmes there can be no doubt you’ll need some kind of printed material for your event. Often the approval process for it can be lengthy. Copy has to be approved, placed with the artwork and approved again. Corrections take time so keep on top of it.

Graphics Work

To give the event punch you’ll need to put the digital side of it together too. You can’t promote your business without engaging social media that is a given. Again, get the graphics finalised quickly so it can all come together in good time for your event.

The sooner you plan your meeting or event the better they’ll flow and the more successful they will be.

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