Renovating your home is a marvellous thing. You can make it your own and feel good on the inside when you walk into a room that makes you smile rather than groan. Home improvements add value and make rooms feel more spacious, light, cosy, and more usable as you customise them to your family needs.

The only downside to home improvements is that renovations tend to be quite expensive. With this in mind let’s look at five ways you can save money on a home renovation.


Although there are some aspects of home renovating that have to be completed by a professional tradesman for safety and legal reasons, there is still plenty that an enthusiastic person can do. There is a range of resources for you to draw on if you are unsure how to plumb in a washing machine or change a light fitting. These exist both online and there is plenty of printed literature to help you too. If something looks very complex or difficult, however, it is best to call in a professional. The rest you can do yourself and save a fortune.

Use Modular Kits

Modular kits are becoming very popular for home renovation. In fact, this has opened the door to replacing aspects such as staircases.  Ready made stairs online can now be bought in a modular format and this has allowed plenty of homeowners to install things like spiral staircases. The costs tend to be low and the quality good. With a little planning, a fixture in modular kit form can be installed adding space and usability to your home at a low price.

As well as replacing fitted aspects modular kits are also used to add veneer. These are available for most aspects of the home including kitchen cupboards, shelving, and staircases. The latter is normally applied using staircase balustrade kits which have been designed for this purpose.


A great saving can be made if you reuse aspects of your existing home in your renovation. Cupboard doors can be painted and the design changed, saving considerably on the cost of new fittings. If this won’t do you can always just buy cupboard doors and fit those to the existing cupboards. This is a highly cost effective way of changing the feel of a room.

Second Hand

To find the best deals it is worth searching the second hand market. Dedicated websites, ads, and house clearances can help you find expensive and useful items at bargain prices. Sometimes people want to sell things quickly as they are moving abroad etc, and this gives you the opportunity to save considerably.

Avoid Credit

Paying cash from your disposable funds saves a lot in the long run. Credit costs, and often you can be paying for a home renovation years after it is complete. This completely negates any cost benefit from any bargain you nabbed along the way. Where possible always use cash not credit for your home renovation.

Once your renovation is complete you will feel good on the inside and you’ll no doubt be tempted to throw a party to show it all off.

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