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A long coastline that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, tasty food at a reasonable price and certainly the nice and sunny weather have made Spain the most popular tourism destination worldwide. If you are planning a short and cheap trip to increase your levels of vitamin C, Spain remains a good choice.  The geography comprises of luxuriant meadows, snow-white mountain tops, gigantic wetlands, and stretched out expanse of deserts. Local communities are picturesque with a timeless beauty dating back centuries. Costa del Sol encompasses most of the areas South of Spain adjacent to the Mediterranean sea.  All the vacations in Spain are unique and memorable. You can read more about this here and how to save money on that exciting trip to this gorgeous country. The Costa del Sol itself stretches about 100 km. So the first thing to be sorted is where to stay and then the activities to engage in.

Tips for a perfect holiday in Costa del Sol

Some of the features are warm sunshine, incredible sea resorts, magnificent beaches, and unparalleled festivals. Here are few suggestions to make that holiday season a pleasant experience:

Full-to-full car policy. This simply means you get a full tank at the beginning of a journey and return it same way. If not, you might be charged a hefty fee for a small difference in the fuel indicator. Many car rental companies operate in the area operate this scheme.

Choose ideal location. Since the Costa del Sol stretches far and wide, looking for your preferred location is imperative. Each area offers something unique at a slightly different price. If you stay far from the airport, the best deal is to hire a vehicle so every region is within reach and you can access the airport anytime.

Book your flight ahead. There are up to 8 airlines that fly directly to Malaga from 25 UK airports. This is good news because of the options. It is recommended to book at least two months ahead (or 60 days) for the best bargains. In some cases, closer airports to the Costa del Sol can reduce the amount of money spent. For example, you can fly to Gibraltar, with Easyjet and British Airways, or Jerez, with Ryanair.

Order for day menu. Nearly every restaurant offers a so called “menu del dia” (menu of the day) and it is less than 15 euros. It might not be  generally advertised. So, ask for it. These meals commonly include a three-course menu. The concept was initiated in 1965 by the government. The law is no longer popularly but most restaurants still keep it. Even at weekend, you can find such promos. Some establishments will offer only a two-course meal with no drinks. It can be different between businesses though.

Use free services. It does not have to cost a fortune to visit this amazing region. Some of the facilities are, surprisingly, free. There are many summer festivals you can attend for free although you have to purchase the food and drinks. The nature reserves are breathtaking. There are animals along the lakes like chameleons and flamingos and a lot more remarkable sites to visit.


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