Given the perilous state of the economic climate in the UK, it’s little wonder that small SMEs are turning to the public sector to source additional funding.

To this end, the government has awarded £8.8 million in funding to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce their energy consumption, with much of this money having being spent on the installation of smart metres.

The consumption of energy is undoubtedly one of the main areas in which businesses need to reduce costs, and the same can be said for commercial property leasing. In this article, we’ll ask you can save money on your commercial premises without compromising on the nature of your office space.

Seek out Experts in the Commercial Property Market

If you were looking to identify a viable residential property to rent or buy, the chances are you’d utilise the services of online letting agents.

The same could be said if you were looking to effectively manage a buy-to-let property, and there is no reason why you should not adopt a similar mindset in the commercial market.

When searching for a commercial property or office space, you should use dedicated online portals and their advanced search filters to help refine your options.

This will immediately enhance the efficiency of your search, while ensuring that you identify the best possible deal within your predetermined budget.

Scale your Search to Suit the Needs of your Business

If you have a startup venture, it may be unwise to commit to a traditional, long-term lease agreement. After all, this may tie you into a financial arrangement that is difficult to sustain, while leaving little room for flexibility in relation to the growth of your business.

This is why you need to think creatively as a business-owner, and consider options that suit the real-time needs of your venture and its likely growth path.

In some instances, this may refraining from securing a commercial property until your employ a predetermined number of staff member, while you may even consider investing in temporary or pop-up spaces while your business grows organically.

This affords you the type of agility that small businesses crave in the modern age, while it can also help to minimise your short and long-term spend.

Make Location your Key Watchword

When investing in commercial property, its location can be a deceptively important consideration that must be given weight.

After all, you need to secure a location that is easily commutable, particularly if you employ permanent staff members who attend work every day. Without this, you may place your employees in an untenable position that will force them to leave or require you to offer them a redundancy package.

Either way, your business will incur an additional cost, and one that must be factored in alongside the usual expenses associated with leasing office or warehouse space.

By selecting an accessible location with good public transport links, you can strive to minimise this cost while enhancing the experience for your staff members.

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