Renovating the kitchen is often seen to be a mammoth task with a hefty price tag, but that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s amazing just how much of a difference changing your kitchens design can have on the rest of your home, as well as adding value to the property too. Whilst updating your kitchen can often cost a lot of money if you’re not careful, there are lots of useful and easy ways to create the kitchen of your dreams on a budget, and here’s how…

Plan, Plan, Plan

The most important thing when it comes to renovating your kitchen is to plan. If you fail to plan, you will end up spending thousands on things that could have been much cheaper, and in order to save you need to have a clear plan of what you need, what you want and what you have to spend. Split your budget up into chunks, dedicating a set amount to certain features such as the flooring, kitchen units, appliances and so on. This will really help you to have a clear understanding of what should be costing what and also what you want to priorities and spend a little more on.

Choose a WOW Feature

When you design your dream kitchen, you want to have one feature that stands out and gives the room that extra wow factor. For many, this feature is the kitchen units, whether that’s marble finishes or you opt for a shaker style kitchen, as they take up the majority of the room. Whilst you may not have the resource to spend lots on the whole unit set, you could look at investing a little more into creating a focal point such as an island in the centre of the kitchen.

Many homes have islands today, with them being a very desirable feature, so this is always going to benefit when it comes to selling the property. By adding some extra features to the island, such as a hot-tap, sink and hobs, you can give yourself some essential preparation and cooking space, helping you to utilise the space perfectly.

Be Savvy with Savings

You know how much you have to spend on your kitchen renovation, and in order to really get the most out of the work you’re having done you need to sit down and take a good look at what you need. Give yourself a set budget for specific features and then focus on how you can get the cost down to a substantial saving.

For example, you may have seen some gorgeous wooden floorboards in one store, yet the exact same brand and design could be available online for almost half the price, if not more. You’ll be amazed just how much money you can save yourself by going online and doing some research, shopping around and finding the very best price for what you’re looking for.

You can then do some additional saving by waiting for the sales. Once the sales hit the shops you can grab yourself some great bargains, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances and accessories, so it’s always worth holding off on the purchase until you’re sure you’re getting the best deal.

Upcycle Pieces

A new trend has taken the interior world by storm and that’s upcycling. If you have a furniture piece that may look past it or out of season and it no longer suits your kitchens décor style, there’s no need to throw it away and replace it with a newer version. Grab yourself some high-quality paint, varnish or stain and get to work on transforming the piece into something new. This will instantly lift the atmosphere within your kitchen and give a whole new look, whilst saving you a lot of money in the process.

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