In 2017 there are many aspects of current shop fitting, branding and design options as well as the best modern technology to work with to create your perfect layout, branding and overall functionality for both your sales and producing the best consumer experience in the same move.

“Serious designs concepts combined with increased functionality can produce some stunning effects in productivity increase which is what the retailer is looking for at the end of the day.”  Slatwall Accessories – Shop fitters with a great Slatwall hook range.

With aspects and concepts all implemented correctly in the first place (and thoroughly thought out) the end result will prove worth the efforts in order to create a great brand for both retailer and customer.

The model shop fitting 

Retail chains all go with using their brand to get the best out of their brands, products, services or another end of line offers they intend to bring to market.  The brand is key to the company’s growth in the long run so the presentation of the face of the company is vital for all aspects success at the end of the day.

This being the case it is vital to get the presentation of your product or service correct both in the digital media, aesthetics, brand design and not least presentation.  In this article we can look into the modern aspects of getting these things right from the offset as well as the construction, modern materials, latest technologies off the shelf so to speak and the best way of putting all of these pieces together in the showroom (or retail outlet) of your dreams to get the best results possible.

Dreams are the key here as if you are a new outlet setting out you need to get the vision of what you are looking for clear from the off.  Without this, there could never be an end result which fits the bill for your business.

The perceived end result and marketing

Think of the following words in the format detailed forthwith.  Imagination – intention – action – manifestation!  Let’s take a look at the meaning of those words in a bit more detail, shall we?  Imaginations, meaning you need to have your full concept of what you want to achieve.  Intentions, meaning you need to have your full empowerment to bring the idea to life as well as the ability to do it.  Actions, meaning you need to be willing to take all of the steps to get to your goal both in physical and mental terms to complete it and lastly manifestation which is clearly following the obvious pattern where you get the brand and outlet you are looking for.

Modern-day markets have long learned how to compete in their own sector due to the increasing level of competition out there today and so it is all about the appearance, feel and quality of the product but another aspect of this is key, which is presentation and as such is equally as crucial to the best result.

Implementation and actions

Once you have your aspirations of what you want is, of course, the planning and the layout of your space so as we detailed above you should have thought through your overall requirement prior to beginning the action of implementation.  All aspects like layout, available space, flooring, shelving, product placement, lighting, decorating, branding should all be in place before putting those finishing touches to the main important point at the checkout which is customer preference.

For this aspect, we can now look at getting the right people to get the desired result in the first point of the process as if you get the right people to do the job correctly in the first place you stand the best chance of getting the fastest end result with minimal mistakes.  Mistakes take time and money to correct so this aspect of the shop fit is very important from all aspects of the job.   Once you have the right team to work with ripping out begins if and where required (all of this should have been planned prior of course with the correct specification documentations)

Fitting out and fittings

With the fitting out process the basic information should already be in place before this begins with all of the colour schemes, layout, design criteria, floor plans etc, all in the specification documents for the shop fitting crews to implement.  Materials should have been purchased and the crew (if planned properly) will all be in place getting on with the fit out.

Depending on how you chose to go about the fitting out process the firm you decided to go with will either have its own team of trusted fitters and or will bring in outside contractors for other agencies as and when needed to complete the job.  It is all about planning at this stage so ensure you have the right people who have the right information at their fingertips so to speak.  This will ensure that all goes to plan in the time frame of the planned installation you are looking for the completed job to be done to requirement and on time for the launch.

Final stages and decoration

Once all of the fixtures and fittings are in place the last part of the job is the decoration of the shop or outlet.  This, of course, is done with the “picture or model” you wanted to create in the first place and will be the crowning glory to the finished job.  If everything has been done to the specifications you will have your brand and everything else in place ready to open your new store with the best results to follow.

Advertising and opening

Promotion comes next with the promotion of your outlet by social media so you can attract the widest customer base possible as we mentioned earlier in the article people go searching for the product they are looking for before they go out to the showroom to test the product before they buy.  Social media and promotion are one of the most important parts as unless you know the outlet is there in the first place you (as the customer) are not going to go to the location if you do not know it exists.  The more information about your service that is out there the better and you can never have too much publicity whether it is in the local papers, television ads, face book, street life, twitter, RSS, gumtree, eBay or any other kind of media site.

We hope the reader has gained some insight form this article and has learned something from the information provided here.  The research of shop fitting and this whole sector is vital to getting the retail (and any other area) before you start.  Every detail should be covered so you are well aware of what you are going to be implemented before you begin in the business plans, designs, brands, location, products, specification and so on all the way to the opening day.  Hope you the reader enjoyed the article and associated information.

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