Time is money, especially for the SMEs who are always on the hustle. It’s very important to keep an accurate time sheet and log employee work hours to be able to manage payroll and hold employees accountable for certain actions. Businesses with employees on the field can now utilize the latest timekeeping technology to automatically track when a driver enters or exits a job-site. GPS and Geofencing offer businesses the easiest and most accurate way of making sure their whole team is as efficient as possible. Using nothing but a smartphone, managers have visibility into field employees’ activities and monitor their progress in real-time.

Geo-fences are simply virtual barriers that can be drawn on a digital map when these geo-fences are crossed by an employee, a time-stamp is created along with the location of the person or the vehicle. Using a time tracking software or smartphone app, managers are able to log when employees arrive or leave work, which means, no more hours wasted on paperwork for timekeeping. GPS and Geofencing will keep automatic time sheets in the background without the need for any manual input from the employee or the manager. In addition, geo-fences can be drawn around work sites to track the employees in remote areas, or to receive a notification when a driver arrives on a distant job site.

Businesses have always faced challenges when it comes to getting the best performance out of their workforce. Especially for businesses in the construction, cleaning and distribution industries where a company’s public image heavily relies on the actions of the employees and their work ethics. For example, a representative exhibiting inappropriate behaviour may hurt your company’s reputation beyond repair and late service response or delivery times often result with an unsatisfied customer. Any organisation that wants to expand and improve profitability must invest in the latest technologies to provide swift and responsive services to improve customer satisfaction.

According to AMA’s survey on employee responsibilities targeting executives and managers from companies in the United States, 11% of the contributors agreed that more than half of their employees try to avoid any kind of responsibility. Responsibilities of an employee by definition are to show up on time for their shifts, complete their tasks and behave accordingly at all times. For businesses with a mobile workforce on the field, employee’s actions and behaviour matters a lot, because they have major impacts on how a company is perceived by the customers. Geofence technology allows managers to be able to hold employees accountable for their actions, manage timesheets and prevent false payroll claims. In addition, by utilising a GPS system and setting up geo-fence zones around job-sites, managers can rest assured that the employee trying to “punch-in” has to be inside the geo-fence zone to complete the process.

For over a decade the law enforcement has been using geofencing along with ankle bracelets for keeping an eye on people on house arrest. Thanks to the latest developments in the vehicle tracking industry and technological advancements, GPS systems are now affordable even for startups, small and medium businesses. It’s now the right time for any startup or a small business to invest in a GPS tracking system to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and to make sure that field employees are where they say they are.

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