8 ways to save money in Vegas

Just because you’re in the gambling capital of the world, doesn’t mean you have to throw your money away.


The $20 front desk tip

When you check in, slip the clerk at the front desk $20 with your credit card – and politely ask if they have any complimentary upgrades available. If they don’t, they’ll usually return your tip.

The best time to ask for an upgrade is around 6pm, as they’ll have a better idea of which rooms will go vacant for the night.


Time your trip

Hotel rooms tend to be cheaper during the week, and avoid any major events – as these will bump up the prices. You should also make sure that you are booking with the hotels directly, rather than through any third parties. Third parties will need to bump up the prices to ensure that they make a profit.

If you find a lower price on a third party, bring it up with the hotel while booking – they’ll usually be happy to match any published rates, regardless of where you found it.


Get free drinks

When you’re gambling, the drinks are free. So just sit down at a slot machine and wait for a cocktail waitress to appear. Make sure you tip the waitress so that she comes back, though – $5 should do it.


Make the most of buffets

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll all be vol au vents and a sea of beige, buffets are part of the Vegas experience. These amazing buffets offer great value too. Make sure you miss the queues by heading for breakfast after 10am, going for lunch after 1pm and eating dinner around 9pm.

The only buffet to avoid is Bachannel, at Caesar’s Palace. The queue is notoriously long, so if you want to eat here, get your cab driver from the airport to drop you off at the end of the line.


Eat off-peak

Jet lag is your friend here – as many restaurants will have special offers on at certain times of the day.

Alternatively, there are plenty of places on the Strip where you can eat for under $12. Keep an eye out for Luke’s Lobster, in the Fashion Show Mall, as they do an amazing shrimp roll for only $10.


Get your snacks from the drugstore

There aren’t really very many grocery stores on the Strip, but typical snacks, as well as water and alcohol, tends to be cheaper at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens. These drugstores are up and down the main strip, and the prices will be significantly cheaper than at the hotel or liquor store. Plus, drugstores are typically open 24/7!


Get half price show tickets

There are stands up and down the strip that sell tickets for the same day at half their normal price. It also includes dining offers! Vegas shows are definitely one to not be missed. If there’s a show you’re desperate to see but you’re cash-strapped, a short term lender can help you out until you get home, so that you don’t lose out.


Catch the bus

Taxis can strip your budget dry, but a one-day bus pass will only cost you $8. Some hotels also offer complimentary shuttle services, so make sure you check.

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