Luggage Superstore, the UK’s premier vendor of Samsonite cases, is launching its promotion of the new Lite-Locked product. The product is being introduced with a 20% discount offer, so don’t hang around if you want the market leading case of the year.

Our launch co-insides with the TV campaign you can view a preview of here

Samsonite quality and durability have never been in doubt but with this nee Lire-Lock technology they have moved the industry on and it is clear that other vendors will have some catching up to do.

The case is the first to contain curved locked technology in a 3-point lock and so security is unquestionably the best in breed. The TV campaign follows the cases around the unexpected hazard of travel and shows that it will be your trusted, safe and reliable luggage companion. You will quickly see how and why Samsonite can say this is their strongest case ever, yet the weight is superb in class.

Luggage Superstore has been a Samsonite retailer for over 25 years and have become one of the largest, if not the largest online reseller of Samsonite cases. Paul Steadman , Director of Luggage Superstore says,

“this new  Samsonite Curv  case range is the truly go anywhere do anything case. For the globetrotting city executive who needs the robust case for the harsh environment of the New York taxi cab to the traveller who needs a lightweight case while take a Camel ride to their tent in the desert the Samsonite Lite-Locked case is the best there is”.


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