The Deputy Prime Minister is geared up to rebuke the coalition government for their stance on green energy within the European community. According to government, the UK doesn’t need to show leadership in this regards and Nick Clegg is fired up about it.

Also, he has plans for energy companies in the UK which should save consumers up to £100 annually because they will now need to notify their customers if there are cheaper energy tariffs available. This is a first for the ‘Big Six’ as they will now be required to send notification to customers on cheaper rates and also on how to make the switch to those lower tariffs.

Not only will the Deputy Prime Minister rebuke his Conservative partners but he is expected to show that, contrary to what is being said, climate change is affordable even during a recession. In his words, “lean times can be green times too.” All of this controversy stems from an internal leak on just how much green energy policies will be costing consumers.

Allegedly the report claims that at least £300 will be added to power bills over the course of a year as a result of green energy. Beginning in the autumn, each of the big six companies will need to notify their customers of cheaper rates and how to get them, but for the most vulnerable of customers, the power firms will be required to notify them twice annually.

These vulnerable customers include those on the warm home discount scheme and pensioners and it is estimated that their numbers are over a million strong. As well, when a customer’s contract comes to an end, the tariffs they will be offered will be the best rates available for them.

Since the claim is that approximately 7/10 of consumers are not on the best rates yet are reluctant to change plans, it is yet unknown how these changes will actually affect consumers in the future.

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