Pampered pets were hit by austerity this Christmas

There was a time when it seemed as though our beloved pets received just as many gifts as we did for Christmas, but with a downsized economy and austerity measures running rampant through the UK, even our pets are suffering the consequences.

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Outrage over chief executives’ excessive pay

Ordinary workers are taking pay cuts and being made redundant whilst chief executives continue to receive excessive annual pay packets. According to a report released by The Telegraph, chief executives’ excessive pay packets have grown more than 1200% within the past 25 years and those pay packets continue to grow.

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Royal finances hit by austerity measures

Even the Queen has been hit by austerity measures in these difficult times the UK is facing. According to the latest figures released, the Queen’s income is to be ‘frozen’ until at least the year 2015. Although the lowest amount was seen in the fiscal year 2010 -2011, the Queen will be effectively paid just half of what she had been netting in the years from 1991 through 2002 where the amount totalled £77.3 million.

Every year since the height of the debt crunch in 2008 – 09, the Queen has taken a pay cut and this has taken a bite out of repairs to the Palace and grounds as well as in the public appearances of the royal family. It is said that the Prince of Wales will continue to finance appearances by the highly popular couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as there will be insufficient funds in the royal coffers for these activities.

Even so, there is much disagreement as to whether the new austerity measures will actually yield higher or lower income for the Queen. All figures are based on whether or not revenue from the Queen’s portfolio does well. With real estate such as Regent Street and Windsor Great Park along with owning more than half the shoreline of the country, there is sufficient cause to believe revenues will keep the Palace operating smoothly, and certainly not at a loss.

The new austerity measures which are targeted to commence in April of 2013 are yet to unfold, but there is every reason to believe that the Royal Household will be forced to spend less than they have within the past two decades which will place them farther in the background from the public eye unless the Palace can finance its own publicity appearances and repairs to the estates. A bulk of this money will no longer be taken from the pockets of Britain’s already overwhelmed taxpayers.

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Are jobs created or just moved about?

In a recent article published in the Magazine section of the NY Times, the author Adam Davidson questions whether jobs can really be created or if they are just shuffled about from one sector to the next. Davidson cites the current dilemma in the UK as his postulation that jobs aren’t really created by government; they are just moved from the public sector to the private sector and back again in an endless circle.

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New fears that Spain is succumbing to debt crisis

Although there has been some degree of progress in both Greece and Italy, it is feared that Spain will be the next sovereign nation in the EU to succumb to the debt crisis. Around the world markets began gaining as news spread that political leadership in Greece and Italy had been revamped.

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Greek government on verge of collapse

After nations of the EU met in Brussels and voted n favour of another round of bailout for Greece, the country is on the verge of collapse due to their reluctance to accept the terms of the agreement. The Greek prime minister is holding a referendum because they are against the austerity measures which have been imposed on them by others in the European Union.

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