Use our fast and easy secured loan calculator to find the best loan rates today. Simply enter details like the amount you need and the term, and our tool instantly shows potential rates and monthly payments without requiring personal information.

Your property backs secured loans, so you can typically borrow more at lower interest than unsecured loans. In just moments, see if you qualify and what kind of affordable rates and terms top lenders may offer.

Get a clear picture of your options so you can make an informed decision about financing for any purpose, from home improvements to debt consolidation.

Secured Loan Calculator – An Overview

The secured loan calculator tool provides a quick way to see potential secured loan options without complexity. It requires minimal information, such as your loan amount, property value, and credit profile.

By inputting these basic details, the calculator connects anonymously to multiple lenders. It then displays estimated interest rates and monthly payment amounts for you to consider, helping reveal what deals may be available.

You can adjust the loan term or amount to compare scenarios. The whole process takes minutes without a commitment. Results demonstrate what rate and repayment fit your needs and budget. Using this simple calculator is a good first step for exploring secured loan possibilities.

Benefits of Using the Secured Loan Calculator

  • Saves Time

This calculator lets you compare potential secured loan options from multiple lenders in one place, allowing you to view estimates quickly without tedious applications. It streamlines the process so you can consider different scenarios efficiently to find your best options.

  • Anonymous Use

You can obtain rate estimates without providing any private contact details like your name or address. The calculator collects only the basic information needed for rates. This allows exploration without commitment for those uncertain about applying yet.

  • Compares Rates Easily

Directly viewing interest rates and repayment amounts side by side enables simple comparisons to discern the best potential deals. It’s much faster than contacting lenders one by one to assess their offers manually.

  • Reveals Fitted Options

Seeing estimated monthly costs for varied loan amounts and terms helps you understand what may work best for your budget and goals. The results can illuminate options that appear suited to your needs and need further consideration.

  • Informs Next Steps

If specific interest rates or repayment amounts appear attractive from the output, you gain a starting point for the next steps. You have more information to reference when deciding whether to request actual loan quotes or applications formally.

  • Guides Further Research

Integrating feedback from the tool can help you determine where to focus additional due diligence. It highlights particular areas, like loan terms, that may benefit from more in-depth exploration to confirm the best fit.

  • Builds Confidence

With a better idea of what kinds of deals are offered via quick estimated results, you feel more knowledgeable when approaching formal applications. The estimates assuage uncertainties that may otherwise prevent taking positive next steps toward securing the most cost-effective loan.

Why Choose KIS Finance?

  • Expertise in Secured Lending

KIS Finance has extensive experience and expertise as a specialist secured lending brokerage. Their expert advisers understand all options and can recommend the most suitable product tailored to each borrower’s needs.

  • Wide Range of Loan Products

By sourcing from a broad panel of lenders, KIS Finance provides access to much more varied loan offerings than most people can obtain directly. This includes multiple repayment structures and LTV levels from a diversity of financing institutions.

  • Streamlined Digital Application

KIS Finance prides itself on a quick, simple borrowing journey. Their fully online process allows applications to be conducted remotely with just electronic document uploads and signatures to minimize physical touchpoints.

  • Competitive Pricing

By leveraging relationships with top U.K. lenders, KIS Finance can frequently obtain preferential rates and cost savings compared to standard offerings. They pass these pricing advantages directly to clients.

  • Expert Guidance & Support

Dedicated personal administrators ensure easy communications and timely responses throughout the process. Borrowers receive knowledgeable assistance in evaluating all suitable loan options for their needs.

  • Attentive Customer Service

Clients can count on friendly, responsive assistance from dedicated representatives – both during the application and for the life of their loan. Proactive account updates provide ongoing support and peace of mind.


This quick and easy calculator lets you explore secured loan options without sharing private information.

You can obtain estimated rates and repayment amounts upfront by inputting a few basic details. Seeing potential options may help you determine the best loan amount and term for your goals and budget.

Don’t forget to compare results from multiple lenders, too. If any output rates fit your needs, we invite you to submit a complete application.

Our brokers have access to a wide range of lenders and can help you secure the most favorable terms. Take advantage of this free tool to help find an affordable secured loan today.

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